Rugged X10 Industrial Tablet

Rugged X10
10.1" Industrial Tablet

Powerful, durable & reliable industrial tablet that's affordable

  • Waterproof. Shockproof. IP65 Sealed.
    The Rugged X10 Industrial Tablet is built with military grade components to withstand conditions that would cause a consumer grade tablet to fail.
  • Rugged Drop Protection
    Meets MIL-STD-810G standards for surviving being dropped up to 5 feet.
  • Energy-Efficient Intel i5 / i7 CPU with vPro
    Powered by 5th generation Core Broadwell class processor & Intel HD Graphics 5500 to support demanding industrial applications.
  • Weighs Only 2.2 Pounds
    The Rugged X10 Industrial Tablet weighs less than most rugged tablets (2.2 lbs with batteries) but has the feature set of a desktop computer.
  • Dual Hot Swappable Batteries
    Continue working for hours without needing to swap batteries. With hot swap batteries, the industrial tablet can be used 24x7 without interruption.
  • Integrated Honeywell 2D Barcode Scanner
    Easy to use, singled-handed scanning with programmable scanner.
  • Cellular 3G/4G LTE, GSM / CDMA
    Maintain internet connectivity in rural areas and where access to Wifi is unavailable. Supports Major Carriers such as AT&T, Verizon & T-Mobile.
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Honeywell 2D Barcode Scanner

Honeywell 2D Barcode Scanner

Easy to use, integrated barcode scanner set up for single-handed operation and easy to program engine to support various symbologies.

Antiglare Gorilla Glass 3.0 Touchscreen

Antiglare Gorilla Glass Touchscreen

Durable 10 Point PCAP multi-touch touchscreen with Gorilla Glass protects it from scratches. Antiglare improves readability. The high-resolution industrial grade LED panel provides greater clarity.

VESA Mountable

VESA Mountable

Standard 75/100 VESA docking option allows you to mount the Rugged X10 tablet almost anywhere. Mount it inside a forklift by the driver, on a warehouse wall or in a vehicle; the Rugged X10 tablet will continue to work no matter how harsh the environment.

Windows & Linux Compatible

Windows & Linux Compatible

Compatible with Windows 7, 8 & 10 touchscreen and several flavors of Linux including Ubuntu.

Rugged X10 Industrial Tablet with Hot Swappable Batteries


Hot Swappable Batteries

The Rugged X10 Industrial Tablet has two hot swappable batteries that you can swap out on the fly. Simply remove one without shutting off the unit and replace the battery. The unit will continue to function with only one battery. Rapidly recharge a battery in two hours or less in the battery charging station. It takes slightly more time to recharge the batteries while the tablet is use.

Easily check battery status with LED indicators on both the back and front of the tablet. The LED indicator shows the status of each battery so you can swap out one if it gets low or wait until both are nearly exhausted.

Industrial Tablet with Integrated Barcode Scanner

The Rugged X10 with its integrated barcode scanner easily scans barcodes, tags and inventory using only one-hand leaving the other hand free. This speeds up many business processes allowing operators to multi-function. The barcode scanner is programmable to meet your business needs and streamlines the scanning process.

Rugged X10 Industrial Tablet VESA Mounting Bracket

VESA Mounting Bracket

With a VESA mounting bracket that has standard VESA mount options, you can mount your industrial tablet on a forklift, wall or almost any surface. The VESA mount has two USB ports, an RS232 port, a NIC port, HDMI and a DC Jack.

Desktop Docking Station

The Rugged X10 Industrial Tablet also has an optional desktop docking station which comes with a DC jack, 2 x USB 2.0 ports, an RS232 port for legacy hardware, 100Mbps NIC and an HDMI port. It has two battery charging slots for charging batteries while the desktop docking station is in use.

Multi-Battery Charging Station

The battery charging station can charge up to a maximum of six batteries simultaneously so that you can easily swap out a battery in minutes without interrupting your workflow. Swap out batteries on the fly so that the tablet can be used 24x7. In less than a minute you can swap out a battery on the Rugged X10 with a fully charged one and begin recharging the batteries previously used in the unit. It takes approximately 1.5 hours for the batteries to recharge in the battery charging station. The LED lights on both the front and back of the tablet lets you know when a battery is getting low.

Carrying Handle

Easily carry the Rugged X10 Industrial Tablet with the carrying handle. The firm grip helps you to avoid dropping the tablet and makes it easy to carry, write on and use.

Rugged X10 Industrial Tablet with Human Machine Interface


Blazingly fast internet options including Integrated Wi-Fi 802.11 ac and Bluetooth. Optional integrated 4G LTE multi carrier mobile broadband with GPS.

Full Disk Encryption SSD

Trusted platform module (TPM) security chip V1.2, V2.0 (for WIN10). Supports Hardware Full Disk Encryption SSD, AES 256-bit Encryption.

Programmable Hot Keys

The Rugged X10 Industrial Tablet comes with an SDK kit so your developers can program in additional functionality to the Hot Keys.

Weighs 2.2 pounds with Batteries

Weighs less than most rugged tablets, the Rugged X10 Industrial Tablet has an impressive array of features designed to meet the needs of many industrial applications. Easily carry the Rugged X10 Industrial Tablet or use it within industrial applications.

Rugged X10 Industrial Tablet Smart Card Reader

CAC / Smart Card Reader

The Rugged X10 Industrial Tablet has an integrated CAC / Smart Card Reader that increases the security of your data without interrupting workflow.

RFID Reader

Optional RFID reader provides strong security authentication. This is particularly important for a mobile device so that data remains secure.

Digitizer Stylus

Electronically capture signatures on contracts or receipts. Easily sign documents wherever you are located - whether in the field or on the road.

Industrial Linux Tablet Including Ubuntu & Fedora

Compatible with many popular forms of Linux. A Linux industrial tablet can be used in industrial automation, particularly as an embedded computer.

Rugged X10 Industrial Windows Tablet

Rugged Windows Tablet

Compatible with Windows 7, 8 & 10 touchscreen (32/64 bit). Use the Windows version that works with your applications.

Comprehensive 3-yr Warranty

Customer satisfaction with our products is our highest priority. The Rugged X10 comes a comprehensive 3-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. It is one of the strongest warranties in the industry for rugged tablets. If you experience any problems with the tablet, we will repair the tablet or send you a replacement tablet at no cost to you. Extend the warranty to 5 years with our extended warranty option.

Competitively Priced

The Rugged X10 Industrial Tablet is one of the most affordable in its class. Built to last, it is very reliable and comes with feature set designed to meet the challenges of industrial applications. It is a highly customizable tablet so you only get the features you need at an affordable price.

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Free Lifetime Phone Support

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Extended Warranties

Extended Warranties

With an extended warranty, you can add an extra layer of protection to our already industry-leading warranty term. We offer extended warranties for this product: up to 5 years.

Deployment & Imaging

Deployment & Imaging

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Cybernet offers the imaging service free of charge.

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Personalized Sales & Technical Support

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Rugged X10 Specifications

- 10.1-inch (Diagonal)
- LED-backlit glossy screen
- Multi-Touch display with IPS technology
- 1920x1200 resolution, 400 nits, 800:1 Contrast Ratio
- Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating
- Corning Gorilla Glass
CPU Support

5th Generation Intel® Core i5/i7 Processors with vPro Technology




1 x 8GB DDR3L SO-DIMM (16GB Optional)

- Kingston/Transend M.2 interface 128GB (standard with options up to 256GB)
- Intel SSD 530 Series M.2 interface 80/180GB Support Hardware FDE, AES-256 bits (optional)
- Windows 7, 8, and 10 touch screen compatible
- 10-input capacitive multi-touch screen. Native Windows compatible
Operating System
- Windows 7 32-bit & 64-bit
- Windows 8.1 32-bit & 64-bit
- Windows 10 32-bit & 64-bit
- Ubuntu 14.04 , Fedora 20, Kernel 3.16 above
I/O Ports
- Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265 Plus Bluetooth
- 4G LTE + GPS (Sierra EM7355 [North America] / EM7345 [Worldwide]) - Optional

G-sensor supports rotation and accelerometer


10.43" x 10.00" x 0.79" (L, W, D)

Desktop Docking Station
VESA Docking Station

Under 2.2 lbs. (1Kg)

Desktop docking station / VESA mount with:
- 2x USB 2.0 Ports (optional with 2KV Isolator)
- 1x RS232/422/485 Port (optional with 2KV Isolator)
- 2x Ethernet Port (optional with 1x Ethernet Port with 2KV Isolator)
- 1x HDMI Port
- 1x 19V 12V~24V DC Port
System Security
- Kensington lock with star-shaped screw on docking stations allows for the system to be left in public.
- TPM 1.2 hardware security chip
Integrated Peripherals
- 2M front facing WebCam
- Biometric Fingerprint Reader
- Smart Card Reader (ISO7816 Comply, EMV2000 L1 Certified)
- 2D Barcode Scanner, Trigger Button on Handle
- RFID-Reader (HID Global 5127CK)
- Rear Camera (5M Autofocus, LED light support)
- Battery charging station (holds 6 batteries)
Environmental Requirements
- Ambient Temperature: 0°C ~ 40°C (operating)
- Relative humidity: 10% to 90% noncondensing
- Maximum operating altitude: 10,000 feet (3000 m)
- FCC-B, CE, ES6.0, SAR, UN38.3, MIL-STD-810G (516.6-VI. Transit drop test)
- IP65 Front Bezel, IPX1 Back cover and I/O
- Rubber Passes Skin Allergy Test & Skin Adverse Reaction (Non-Stimulation Response) Test
Rugged X10 in VESA Dock

Industrial Tablet Applications

Tablet for Manufacturing Environment

The manufacturing environment is rough on computers and tablets. Most consumer-grade tablets last less than 18 months in a manufacturing environment.

The Rugged X10 Industrial Tablet is built to withstand manufacturing conditions such as extreme temperatures, shock & vibration, and wet or dusty settings. It has military grade components, is a rugged tablet and has been built with a feature set specifically for manufacturing and industrial applications.

With integrated barcode scanner and RFID, RS232 port for legacy applications and a 5th generation Intel Core Processor, it has the power and features needed for your industrial applications.

Assembly Line Production Issues

Lack of Real-Time Information

By identifying assembly line problems early, you can address them before they become a major problem. Mobile computing is one means to address this problem.

Assembly-line Balancing

If your assembly line has areas of under or over utilization, you may have too many resources at one location and not enough at another. By using mobile computing where information is analyzed at a central location, resources can be analyzed in real time and resources reallocated to prevent bottlenecks and have an efficient use of resources. Assembly lines are often constantly changing. With an industrial tablet, floor managers can report issues in real time and get real-time responses.

Rugged X10 Industrial Tablet for Factory Automation

Industrial Tablet for Factory Automation

The Rugged X10 Industrial Tablet is a good fit for factory automation. It can act as the brain for a variety of industrial processes. It can be set up to allow an operator to monitor / control automated processes. With support for industrial communication protocols, it can accommodate the needs of many applications. It is small enough to fit within or be integrated into almost any embedded application.

The Rugged X10 can handle the rigors of factory automation because it is waterproof, dust proof & vibration proof. It is powerful yet energy efficient. It is designed for 24x7 use in harsh conditions.

Rugged Linux Tablet for Embedded Systems

Linux is often the platform of choice for embedded systems for a number of reasons. Linux is a more secure platform. It does not suffer from many of the security breaches of a Windows platform. Moreover, Linux is more versatile than Windows. It is an open source platform allowing for development and modification of the source code to meet your specific needs. It can be less expensive because there are no royalties or licensing fees.

The Rugged X10 Industrial Tablet supports several flavors of Linux including Fedora and Ubuntu making it a good choice for use within embedded systems.

Rugged X10 Rugged Tablet for Construction

Rugged Tablet for Construction

Construction sites are a tough environment for electronics. That is why you need an industrial tablet that can handle the dust, elements and rough handling that is typical of a construction site. The Rugged X10 Industrial Tablet is built with military grade components that can withstand the environmental conditions and has the features to meet your mobile computing needs.

The Rugged X10 Tablet for construction gives your construction team serious computing power at their fingertips with real-time data.

Construction Project Management

Empower your managers with real-time data from the construction site to offsite suppliers. Meet deadlines and handle problems before they can impact the bottom line. Get the right equipment & supplies to the right job site. Manage your construction resources and construction teams in an effective and efficient manner.

The right resources at the right place. Every time.

Construction Jobsite Safety

Worker safety is a serious concern on construction sites. According to OSHA, in 2014, one in four worker deaths were in construction. Improve safety with real-time job site data with the Rugged X10 tablet. Conduct job site inspections and get the results in real time so problems can be addressed immediately. See a worker is not wearing his/her safety harness? It gets reported in real time with a real time fix before a fatality or injury can occur.

Your jobsite safety checklist no longer is just a document but an action item list that can be implemented.

Address Construction's Fatal Four: Falls, Electrocutions, Struck by Object and Caught Between.

Many of these situations can all be addressed before they turn fatal with an empowered construction management team and mobile computing. Monitor site safety, document conditions and make immediate changes as appropriate. Meet safety regulations and protect not only your workers but your bottom line, too.

Rugged X10 Transportation & Logistics

Transportation & Logistics

Shipping & Ports

The Rugged X10 Industrial Tablet is ideal for docks, warehouses & cold storage because it can withstand those harsh environments including extreme temperatures. Manage containers, inventory and resources in real time with the integrated barcode scanner. Protect your data with the RFID security.

Fleet Management Tracking

The big rigs and trucks generally go through computers and tablets because of the daily shock and vibration associated with being on the road. The Rugged X10 Industrial Tablet is built with military grade components to handle vibration, shocks, and drops. With the Rugged X10 Industrial Tablet, you can:

  • Communicate with drivers
  • Capture signatures
  • Track containers and inventory
  • Take photos of damaged inventory
  • Reduce or eliminate paperwork

Track your fleet and goods in real time. Communicate with drivers and meet delivery deadlines.

Rugged X10 Outdoor Tablet

Outdoor Tablet

The Rugged X10 tablet is ideal for use outdoors. From the point of service to industrial applications, it can handle inclement weather, dirt & grime and rough handling. It has a customizable feature set to meet your industrial computing needs, such as powerful CPU, dual hot-swap batteries with optional charging station, integrated barcode scanner and RFID, Smart Card Reader and comes with standard VESA mount options.

This rugged tablet has a crisp, high-resolution display that allows for greater clarity. The Gorilla Glass is tough and durable and shatter resistant. With its military grade components and tough exterior, it handles temperature extremes, shocks & vibration, dirt & grime and dusty areas without failing.

First Responders

First responders require a tablet that can withstand being roughly handled, provides data in real time and is easy to use. With its rugged exterior and military grade components, the Rugged X10 Industrial Tablet is an ideal choice for EMS services, firefighters, police, and other emergency personnel. First responders can communicate and get data immediately allowing for improved responses and, in many cases, an improved ability to save lives.

The Rugged X10 Tablet has a screen that has a crisp, high-resolution display, touch features, and tough Gorilla Glass. With the long battery life and hot swappable batteries, it can be used for an entire shift without recharging.

How Industrial Tablets Are Used In Manufacturing

The industrial tablets provide instant access to business-critical information and applications, boosting manufacturing efficiency. The industrial tablet is one of the key business enablers in the ongoing transition of the manufacturing processes to the Industry 4.0, IoT, and the connected future.

Industrial Tablets Provide Actionable Data

Industrial tablets in manufacturing provide a wealth of benefits for critical operations. One of the key features that drive the integration of manufacturing into the Industry 4.0 is the ability of to push relevant manufacturing notifications to the portable devices. The accelerating migration of business processes to the cloud helps manufacturers aggregate, sync and push status information and machine system notifications from the equipment on the manufacturing floor down to the employees’ mobile devices.

This kind of mobile Human Machine Interface is a powerful business enabler, boosting unprecedented flexibility by providing instant, actionable data to the right people, at the right moment, wherever they are.

Cloud-Based Applications

As the adoption of mobile technologies and connected equipment increases, manufacturers are finding new ways to harness their benefits. Cloud is one of them.

No another technology enables cloud-based applications in manufacturing better than mobile. Smart factories leverage the benefits of cloud through machine learning, as well as to monitor machine operation and detect, or better yet, prevent failure and downtime through predictive maintenance.

When the machine learning-enabled monitoring system detects an anomaly, a notification is sent to the appropriate employee’s mobile device for the assessment. The relevant personnel then conducts necessary maintenance or repairs based on the severity of the anomaly or malfunction. Industrial tablets’ push notifications fulfill the task much faster than traditional email notifications.

In fact, it is the push notification feature of the mobile technology that has earned great appreciation for mobile in manufacturing. It allows for the machine events to be sent directly to the worker’s mobile tablet through the programmable logic controller function block. The number of ways this feature is utilized in manufacturing is growing by the day as manufacturers build native solutions based on it.

HMI-Hosting Web Servers

Industrial tablets constitute a part of a larger process of merging of information technologies and business automation. Integrated web servers can run human-machine interfaces and host large volumes of data about diagnostics, maintenance, and production statistics. With this wealth of information easily accessible from industrial tablets, employees no longer need to plug in laptops to obtain it or interrupt a production machine process. Additionally, web server-hosted HMI systems allow to access the HMI and change parameters from an industrial tablet remotely.

The accessibility of web server-hosted HMI from a web browser makes it a simple and efficient solution that is easy to integrate into the existing system and let the legacy equipment “communicate” with the newer Internet of Things. It also grants the older equipment the connectivity and flexibility it lacked in comparison to the smart equipment.

Use of Industrial Tablets in Other Manufacturing Applications

Industrial tablets prove increasingly indispensable in streamlining operations, tracking materials, improving accuracy of parts ordering, providing instant access to key data, ensuring quality control and increasing operational efficiency in:

  • equipment diagnostics and maintenance
  • physical security and cybersecurity of electronically stored data
  • data collection from the manufacturing floor
  • warehouse tasks
  • parts tracking, shipping and receiving
  • quality control

Every application has a dedicated software solution that runs on the industrial tablet as comprehensively as it runs on a desktop PC, arming your mobile workforce with the flexibility they need to operate productively.

Military Grade Tablet vs BYOD

As much as bring your own device (BYOD) is lucrative and highly adopted in other industries, consumer devices are not apt for use on the manufacturing floor. Their fail rate skyrockets once they enter the humid, dusty, rugged manufacturing environments prone to vibration, drops, bumps, scratches and exposure to extreme temperatures.

Military grade tablets prove to be a fitting solution for manufacturing due to a large number of features:

  • rugged build, ingress protection IP65 (water, dust, particles, shock, vibration)
  • drop protection with MIL-STD-810G standard – withstands drops from up to 5 feet, bumps, rough transportation
  • mounting options (VESA, cart, desktop – outdoors, inside vehicles, etc.)
  • carrying handle, light weight, antiglare glass for improved readability in different lighting conditions
  • battery durability, hot-swappable batteries and a charging station for non-stop uptime
  • integrated barcode scanner for inventory tracking
  • advanced authentication features (biometric reader, CAC and smart card, RFID reader)
  • advanced connectivity options (3G, 4G, GSM, CDMA)
  • productivity software compatibility due to Windows/Linux OS
  • advanced cybersecurity features including full disk encryption and the option to encrypt data on external USB drives
  • advanced compatibility with legacy equipment due to customizable serial ports
  • low fail rate due to military-grade components
  • low TCO year over year due to uptime, compatibility, ease of deployment and maintenance, extended warranties, disk imaging and advanced customization options


  • Industrial tablets adoption is expanding in manufacturing.
  • Industrial tablets applications in manufacturing include timely, actionable data, push notifications, use of cloud-based solutions, integrated web servers hosting human-machine interface systems and dedicated manufacturing applications.
  • Industrial tablets provide connectivity to legacy equipment through web-based HMI.
  • Industrial mobile devices connect various plant processes and employees located in different areas.
  • Only military-grade tablets, fully rugged, are apt for use in manufacturing if TCO, failure rates, battery life, ROI, uptime and compatibility factors are to be taken into account.

Industry 4.0 is not as expensive and out of reach as it may seem. Industrial tablets, cloud, and web server-based solutions enable further automation, make many business processes faster, more accessible and efficient. Finally, technology built to last helps organizations reduce costs.