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When I turn on my PC, it gets stuck at the Cybernet Logo/Splash Screen

Cause - Possible CMOS Corruption, bad Internal Power Supply and/or Motherboard

1. Open up the PC to clear the CMOS; please see the applicable article for model-specific instructions.

2. Once done, see if the unit boots past the splash screen.

3. If not, inspect the internal components to ensure everything is plugged in securely and properly. Look for obvious physical damage such as burnt components or bulging capacitors on either the motherboard and/or internal power supply. The internal power supply is located on top of the Hard Drive, connected to a metal bracket. If there is any noticeable bulging or blown caps on either the internal power supply or the motherboard, then those components would need to be replaced.

4. Contact the Cybernet Sales Department and/or visit Cybernet for pricing and availability of spare parts. Elite 4 Internal Power Supplies must be sent to Cybernet for repair; contact Cybernet Tech Support to find out about the Elite 4 Internal Power Supply repair program.

5. If both of these components seem fine, try unplugging the hard drive, followed by the CD Drive. If the unit boots past the splash screen with either device unplugged, the unplugged device may be at fault. Try a replacement to continue testing the unit.