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How do I disable/enable the touch pad / PS/2 Port on the ZPC-9100?

Cause - CMOS settings are set to default

Please note that in order to use a PS/2 mouse it must be connected prior to powering on the machine.

1. To use a PS/2 mouse on the ZPC-9100, enter the CMOS setup utility by repeatedly pressing delete when the machine has just been powered on.

2. Once in the CMOS setup utility, navigate to the Integrated Peripherals section and press enter to select it.

3. Navigate to the Onboard Device option and press enter.

4. Scroll down to the menu option that refers to the Mouse; by default it is set to touch pad. Change it to PS/2 mouse function to disable the touch pad.

5. Press F10 to save changes and exit the CMOS setup utility. The system will now reboot with the touch pad disabled and the PS/2 port enabled.

Reverse these steps to reactivate touch pad control.

The Touch Pad mouse can also be disabled within Windows. Open the Control Panel and double click the icon for Mouse properties. Click to the Synaptics tab and click Disable to turn off the device. Be advised this method will not enable the PS/2 port.