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How do I enable/disable POS functionality on the Elite I?

Cause - POS functionality for scanners, keyboard, etc.

1. First remove the keytop to access the motherboard.

2. Locate jumpers JS1 and JS2 directly behind the POS & PS/2 ports. To enable POS functionality, move these two jumpers from position 1 & 2 to position 2 & 3.

3. Now close the computer and connect the desired POS device, being sure to use a POS-Y cable adapter. If no device is connected, a POS-Y cable must be plugged into both the POS port and itself in order for the keytop to function properly. If a POS-Y adapter is required, please contact Cybernet Sales or visit .

4.To disable POS functionality, remove the two jumpers from position 2 & 3 and place them in position 1 & 2.