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How do I enable/disable POS functionality on the Elite 4?

Cause - POS functionality for scanners, keyboard, etc.

1. First remove the keytop to access the motherboard.

2. Locate jumper JP7 to the left of the hard drive power plug. Remove these two jumpers from position 1 & 2 and place them in position 2 & 3.

3. Now close the computer and connect the desired POS device, being sure to use a POS-Y Cable adapter.

4. If using a PS/2 keyboard, it can be plugged into the POS port without a POS-Y adapter.

5. If no device is connected to the POS port, a POS-Y cable must be plugged into both the POS port and itself in order for the unit's keytop to function properly. The jumpers should be set to their default position (1 & 2) if no POS device will ever be used. Please contact Cybernet Sales or visit Cybernet to purchase a POS-Y adapter.