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Why am I getting no network connection and/or no MAC address on my ZPC's network adapter?

Cause - Possible MAC address corruption

If the MAC address on the network adapter is not available or is showing as all zeros, download the MAC Address Tool below to rewrite the MAC Address.

1. Copy the unzipped files to a DOS bootable disk (Floppy, USB, or CD, whichever is most convenient) and change the boot sequence in CMOS accordingly.

2. Open 8169.CFG with Notepad and edit the NODEID to match the MAC ADDRESS bar code of your motherboard. Locate this information by opening the unit and finding a white sticker on the bottom right edge of the motherboard. The MAC Address should begin with 00.

3. At a clean DOS prompt (C:) type PG8169.EXE. During system reboot, press and hold the power button to power off the system, and disconnect power by pulling the cable out from the back.

4. Use a paper clip or similar object to clear the CMOS (see related article for details).

5. Re-connect AC Adapter, and power on the system. Immediately and repeatedly press the delete key to enter the CMOS setup utility.

6. Navigate to Load Optimized Defaults, press enter, then press F10 to save and exit.

Upon Reboot into the Operating System, check your network for connectivity. If required, follow the instructions for reinstalling the network drivers.