Why a number of health facilities chose a Cybernet solution

n2211111Obtaining and using computer equipment has always been a challenge for health care facilities, such as hospitals, laboratories and clinics. First, there’s the issue of limited space. These facilities simply do not have room for large and bulky monitors, tower computers and a dozen cables necessary to keep the computer running. Hygiene is another concern. Computers that are being used communally are prone to germs and can spread infections. Since computers also use fans to prevent overheating, dust, allergens and other impurities can also spread in the air.

Cybernet medical grade computers are a class apart from the competition and have single-handedly fueled the all-touch medical revolution. Read on to learn why a growing number of health facilities are opting for Cybernet solutions.

Complete EHR Solutions

Electronic health records (EHR) are no longer an option, but are now a must for every health facility. Paper-based medical records are not only space-consuming, but they are also difficult to organize. This is why medical service providers like Hacienda HealthCare wish to convert their paper records to EHR. Needless to say, this can be a major project that can take months or years to complete. Medical facilities typically need to go to separate vendors for their software and hardware needs, medical carts, wall mounts and other essentials.

Cybernet offers a complete host of EHR solutions—from all-in-one PCs to medical carts— making it unnecessary to approach several vendors for your different needs. Aside from a complete range of solutions, Cybernet also has a demo program that allows the hospital staff to test out the EHR system firsthand.

Functionality and Reliability Within a Budget

Computer equipment has become crucial to hospitals and other health facilities. A system that tends to lag or run slow can obviously affect the operations within the facility and put patients at risk. Thanks to Cybernet’s expertise, hospitals like the Millinocket Regional Hospital are able to deploy reliable devices that are able to provide staff the functionality the need. For instance, the touch screen technology makes navigation easier and faster and the large screen provides a better viewing experience. The powerful processors that Cybernet products are equipped with also ensure that devices do not bog down. Wireless capabilities also mean you don’t have to deal with clutter. Of course, these benefits are useless if the facilities are unable to afford them. This is why Cybernet aims to work within the budget of every client.

Less Clutter and More Space

As already mentioned, space is an important concern when it comes to health care facility computer equipment. Unfortunately, not only do regular desktop PCs consume a lot of space, but they also come with plenty of clutter due to the cables and wires. A Cybernet medical computer, for instance, is basically a touchscreen lightweight tablet that you can carry around by hand or attach to medical carts. Another Cybernet product, keyboard PC, only needs to be attached to a computer monitor. There is no need for a computer tower because everything is housed in the compact keyboard. To maximize workspace, Cybernet products can even be mounted on walls, and used with wireless accessories like a wireless keyboard and mouse.

Antimicrobial and Fanless Design

Germs are certainly an important concern in medical and health facilities. Cybernet understands that their medical computers should be designed in such a way that they are ideal for hygienic environments. This is why Cybernet medical computers boast antimicrobial coating. The fanless design also prevents germs and other airborne impurities from spreading.