educ-kids-imagesCAPKCZPMThere is no question that computers are essential to today’s schools and other educational institutions. Computers are necessary for most of the tasks within a school—from managing student and faculty records in the administration office to monitoring library activity. Of course, the main purpose of computers in school is to improve the classroom learning experience. However, the industry of computing is a fast-paced one and developments are being made on a regular basis. This puts pressure on schools to keep up with the latest trends in order to enhance their students’ education. Cybernet is a manufacturer of all-in-one PCs, tablets and medical computers for a variety of industries, including the educational field.

The company’s product lineup includes keyboard PCs that are popular among schools, colleges, universities and libraries. Read on to learn how the Cybernet keyboard all-in-one can redefine the classroom learning experience.

Space-Saving Solution

Traditional desktop PCs typically consist of the monitor, the keyboard and the computer tower or computer case. Among the three, the PC tower takes up the most space, not to mention all the wires that it needs to connect to the power source, keyboard, monitor, printer and other PC accessories. Many classrooms no longer have the space to accommodate this type of computer setup, which is why more and more schools are opting for a keyboard all-in-one. With an all-in-one keyboard PC or computer, the need for a PC tower is eliminated since all the computer components that it used to house are all within the keyboard itself.

Since the PC system now only consists of keyboard and monitor, the students’ learning experience is improved since they can work in a more spacious and clutter-free environment.

Increased Productivity

Cybernet’s all-in-one keyboard products boast dual display support, which means you can connect two LCD displays at the same time. The second display can be an extension of the first or can be a mirror image. This feature enhances students’ productivity since they can easily multi-task without the inconvenience of having to close and open multiple tabs or windows. The dual display support feature can make it easy to compare documents, graphs, images or view them side-by-side.

Power and Performance

It goes without saying that students’ learning experiences can be seriously hindered by slow and unreliable computers. This is why many educational institutions call on Cybernet in order to upgrade their classroom computers without going over their budget. Cybernet’s all-in-one keyboards are equipped with some of the most powerful Intel processors in today’s market. These processors allow the all-in-one keyboards to handle even the most demanding classroom tasks without compromising speed or efficiency.

Durability Against Constant Use

It’s no secret that young students are not exactly the most delicate PC users. In fact, constant student use can eventually wear out keyboards and PCs in general. Cybernet’s all-in-one keyboards managed to display impressive durability even when with regular use. This means the PC continues to remain in shape and deliver top-of-the-line performance so that students can work and study without running into any glitches.

Connection Convenience

Another way that Cybernet’s all-in-one keyboards enhance the classroom learning experience is by providing a convenient way to connect accessories and gadgets to the PC. Not only does the all-in-one keyboard feature multiple USB ports but it also has ports for memory cards, audio devices and dual LCD screens among others.