Cybernet iOne-H5

We have some great news! Cybernet’s iOne-H5 all in one widescreen PC has been reviewed by PCWorld magazine, and in a separate article, they also named the iOne-H5 number one in Best Budget All-in-One PCs under 23 inches.

In July, PCWorld completed a rigorous test of our iOne-H5 all in one PC, measuring performance and comparing features with others in its overall PC category. PCWorld in its article entitled, “Cybernet iOne H5: Business-Ready All-in-One Packs a Punch”, stated that the iOne-H5 was powerful on the inside, delivered very well on graphics and outperformed all the other PCs in its class, earning a performance score of 133 (17 points higher than its nearest competitor). PCWorld reviewers also noted its “slick swivel stand” and a “big, bright and glossy” touch screen. Read more details in the PCWorld Review.

In September, PCWorld issued its ranking list of All-in-One PCs. In the category of Best Budget All-in-One PCs under 23 inches, PCWorld ranked Cybernet’s iOne-H5 as number one on the list, with a 4-star rating – higher than all of the other models in this category from HP, Lenovo, Acer, Sony and MSI.