h-n19cutIn modern times, mini rugged PCs find their application in mission critical scenarios of all sorts. Whether it be a far-flung relief healthcare unit in some part of Africa facilitating Ebola virus patients or a remote intricate medical surgery in a battle field, a complex process automation exercise in an oil-rig or a challenging specie-localization task up in the bends of Amazon – rugged mini PCs continue to make a solid difference in the way medical, industrial and research processes are conducted around the globe.

The durability and longevity of a mini rugged PC owes a great deal to the International Protection marking specification it conforms to. The standard aims to shun vague product marketing terms such as merely waterproof and instead provide tangible and accredited product protection information. The IP certification imparts specialized degree of protection against intrusion, dust, accidental contact and liquid spills to the rugged industrial PC, making it a highly desirable feature in top of the line industrial and medical computing products.

Amongst the lot, the IP65 certification is an accolade for any electronic product out there in the open. The rating signifies the immense effort that has been laid down in designing the product to keep it dust tight. This translates to protection from the minutest solid-particles such to such an amazing extent that no ingress of dust takes place from any possible direction of arrival. Simply put, complete protection against dust is what IP65 certification translates to – and this is only half of protection capability it specifies. The IP65 certification also means that the product’s enclosure provides a certain level of protection against harmful contact with water or similar liquids. To be more precise, water projected continuously by a nozzle against the housing from any direction for at least three minutes is set to have no detrimental effect on the product and its functionality. This also means that the product can be disinfected using cleaning solutions without damage.

Cybernet’s rugged mini PC product-line boasts IP65 certified front bezels. The rugged industrial PC line-up also has IPX-1 rated covers, making the disinfection process as easy as spraying directly onto the screen. Simply put, complete protection against dust is what IP65 certification translates to. With a product that is IP65 certified, accidental splashes and involuntary liquid spills are taken care of for good.

Cybernet stands the leading manufacturer of world-class, all-in-one water rugged industrial pc for deployment in demanding healthcare and industrial scenarios. To learn more about Cybernet’s game-changing miniature computing systems equipped with sturdiest in product protection certifications, visit the diverse product portfolio right here https://www.cybernetman.com/en/industrial-pc