barcode-scanner-medical-tablet-pc-antibacterial-81256-5857469Many hospitals and healthcare facilities have increasingly adopted a variety of mobile solutions to address a number of task-related issues. The influx of technological tools like all- in-one computers and medical tablets within the hospital milieu has increased the level of efficiency that hospital staff members possess. One area that has been strengthened by the utilization of these technological innovations is the dispensation of patient medication.

The Drawbacks of a Manual Distribution System
Before automated systems existed, the only way for members of the hospital staff to manage medication dispensation is through manual distribution systems. There were a lot of drawbacks inherent in this approach. Concerns regarding inventory control and inefficient distribution methods were some of the issues that plagued hospital administrators. The labor intensive nature of manual tracking systems also prevented hospital staff members from delivering medication to each patient on time.

The Advantages Inherent in Mobile Solutions
The end goal of the use of tools like medical tablets and medical carts is to improve patient safety and improve staff efficiency. These tools immediately allow healthcare providers to take advantage of a decentralized medication distribution system. The utilization of this system automatically increases the level of inventory control and accessibility that is inherent in each healthcare facility’s system for medicine dispensation.

Inventory Control
The use of these devices allows the facility’s members to monitor the use of controlled drugs and narcotics through the presence of an electronic tracking system. This feature is a great boon for medical staff. Before automated systems became popular, staff members had to spend countless hours in convoluted manual documentation procedures just to keep track of the use of various drugs. This method was prone to a variety of errors that inadvertently led to over – stocking of inventory items and inaccurate drug charges. The use of mobile solutions effectively prevents these instances from happening and increases the amount of inventory control that the administration has over their supply of controlled drugs.

Increased Accessibility
The level of accessibility that healthcare practitioners are privy to through the use of technological tools increases exponentially. Every staff member from nurses to surgeons can track drug usage patterns through the use of a decentralized tracking system. Medical tablets can offer every member reports on medication consumption and can bring up indicators whenever the removal of specified drugs occurs. This guarantees every patient that a timely system of administering medication is constantly in place.

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