A computer science or Information Technology (IT) career offers many benefits. It sharpens your problem-solving skills, helps develop a strong work ethic, and allows you to be your own boss. Chron notes that computer science careers often offer competitive salaries and good job prospects

Sounds interesting? Let’s do a deep-dive, then, on computer science’s benefits, the necessary skills, and how to start this next career path.

The Benefits of a Career in Computer Science

A career in computer science is an excellent choice for anyone interested in computers and wanting to work in a fast-paced and ever-changing field. Computer science professionals help businesses to operate more efficiently and effectively by developing new software applications, designing computer networks, and managing databases. The healthcare industry – and the numerous ways hospital computer systems are used – is always on the lookout to streamline operations. Five tech jobs that are hot right now in medical technology include: computer systems analyst, health information, big data management and analysis, software engineering (medical specialization), and health information technician. Many more will likely emerge as the field continues to expand.

Or does artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, and quantum computers give you wide-eyed wonder? Indeed shows that computer science professionals can find plenty of opportunities to work with cutting-edge technology and to make a real difference in the lives of others. 

The Skills You Need to Succeed

To succeed in computer science, you’ll need a strong foundation in math and analytical skills. You should be able to think abstractly and solve problems quickly. You need to be comfortable with computers and have experience in programming.

While a degree in computer science is not required, it can give you the technical skills and knowledge needed to be successful. An online bachelor’s degree can help you sharpen your skills. When you pursue a bachelor of science in Information Technology to further your career, you’ll learn about network security, IT applications, cloud foundations, and data management.

How to Get Started in a Computer Science Career

All excited? Here are a few key steps to get started:

  • Learn the basics of programming. You can find online resources or search your local library. Once you have a basic understanding of programming, you can tackle more specific challenges.
  • Familiarize yourself with different types of software and hardware. This will help you understand the possibilities and limitations of computing. Find out, for example, why many medical computers are built with antimicrobial* properties to protect the computer casing from deterioration and degradation. Or how HIPAA affects any Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies in hospitals. Knowing the difference between an off-the-shelf consumer tablet and a rugged industrial tablet can make a difference when seeking job opportunities.   
  • Choose an area of focus. Computer science is a vast field, so choosing an area that interests you is essential. The programs used to help the steel industry increase productivity and profit are going to be quite different from the AIs used to manage warehouse operations.  Focusing will help you stay motivated as you learn more advanced concepts.

By following these steps, you can start your computer science journey.

Be Your Own Boss

Finally, you realized long ago you’re more of a “lone wolf” kinda person when it comes to careers. You like – no, you thrive! –  on the uncertainty that comes with freelancing or starting up your own business. 

IT and computer science careers are well suited for entrepreneurship for several reasons. IT professionals are very comfortable with change and ambiguity, which are common in the early stages of a startup. They are very analytical and detail-oriented, which can help during the development and execution of a business plan. Also, IT professionals have strong critical thinking skills, which are invaluable in the chaotic world of startup businesses.

Another benefit of starting your own business is choosing a limited liability company or LLC structure for your company. LLCs offer several advantages for business owners, including personal asset protection and tax flexibility. In addition, LLCs can be attractive to potential investors like those bringing femtech to healthcare.

Realize Your Potential

Computer science is an excellent choice for anyone interested in computers and wanting to work in an agile and dynamic field. With the right skills and education, computer science professionals can find plenty of opportunities to work with innovative technology and make a real difference in the lives of others. And as a bonus, computer science careers offer the potential for entrepreneurship and the ability to be your own boss.

Closing Comment

Computer science has a lot to offer as a career, involved in diverse fields as healthcare to warehouse management. By following some simple steps, aspiring computer science or IT majors can find opportunities as employees or even as solo entrepreneurs for the most daring 

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