imagesCA7ELDNUIndustry-grade and healthcare computers significantly differ from run-of-the-mill computational machines for a variety of reasons. From the core functionality they are designed for to the peculiarities in their construction and operational considerations, industrial computers stand a world apart from their conventional counterparts.

Industrial and healthcare computational machines are known for seamless handling of complex process automation, sophisticated manufacturing control, continuous data acquisition and rigorous signal processing – all under harsh operational conditions. Most recently, miniaturization of the computational machines without sacrificing the computing prowess has been a significant research focus. The outcome, as seen today, is a novel product line – mini rugged PC – combining the very best in design minimalism, ergonomics, ruggedness and computational power.

What exactly makes a rugged industrial pc unique? What is it that provides a rugged mini PC incredible durability within an unbelievably small package? The answer to this lies deep within the very constituents that make up the mini rugged PC, effectively narrowing down to high-performance electronics including military gradecapacitors, fortified resistors and rugged application specific integrated circuits.

Using military grade capacitors and other discrete electronic components on the motherboard ensures seamless operation of the computing systems under extreme temperature conditions, with ranges up to 120° F, or even higher. Additionally, integrating industrial grade components offers a plethora of secondary advantages including precise voltage regulation and protection against electrical surges. Last but not least, reinforced components also translate to increased resistance against dust and accidental liquid spills.

Cybernet’s rugged mini PC product line-up excels with military-grade capacitor technology to meet the demanding requirements for industrial and healthcare markets. Incorporating military-grade, high performance electronics into the computing products ensures safety, reliability and efficiency. Engineered to meet the criteria of durability and reliance, specialized capacitors inside the computing machines vouchsafe system longevity and zero downtime. The custom-built capacitors also offer high energy storage and voltage hold-up, vital for uninterrupted functionality of the rugged mini PC.

Military-grade aluminum electrolytics coupled with the latest in high-performance charge accumulation technology ensures high reliability, advanced shock-proofing and superior vibration tolerance boasted by Cybernet’s mini rugged PC product mix. Cybernet stands the leading manufacturer of world-class, all-in-one water rugged industrial pc for deployment in demanding healthcare and industrial scenarios. To learn more about Cybernet’s game-changing miniature computing systems equipped with the sturdiest in high-performance electronics. visit the diverse product portfolio right here