With the advent of ATMs, many people predicted that bank teller jobs would disappear. Well, that hasn’t happened yet, mainly because tellers still provide valuable services to customers that an ATM or online banking just can’t handle. Examples include: preparing cashier’s checks, providing change for merchants, resolving issues with banking statements, advising customers on foreign exchange rates, cashing checks, selling savings bonds, opening new accounts, selling or issuing certificates of deposit, ordering imprinted checks, ordering ATM and credit cards, advising customers on bundled services to lower their fees, and processing wire transfers. That is a pretty long list!

To provide these services, tellers need fast and reliable PCs at their teller windows or stations. Banking records that tellers routinely access must be readily available while the customer is standing in front of them. Processing transactions like wire transfers or ordering cards must happen quickly so as to not keep the customer waiting. And if something goes wrong with a PC during banking hours, the IT staff has to be able to access the computer and fix it quickly. Many PCs can handle that load today, but the problem is that there is not a lot of physical space available for traditional PC tower configurations where the tellers are located, so banks are now using all in one PCs: either LCD PCs or keyboard PCs. All-in-one PCs are space-saving, reliable, powerful, and are very easy to service because they can be accessed from the teller counter instead of the floor, with no messy cables running everywhere.

Many of Cybernet’s customers have used our all-in-one keyboard PCs or LCD PCs with great success. Our two most popular models that banks purchase are the ZPC-series keyboard PC and our iOne-series LCD PC. Here are the latest versions of both:

Cybernet ZPC-D5

Cybernet iOne-GX45

Not only have the Cybernet all-in-one PCs freed up space at the teller windows, but they also provide powerful computing resources to track daily transactions and use administrative applications. Our customers find that our all-in-one PCs are very easy to deploy and are powerful enough to run complex banking software. Their superior reliability is also a huge benefit, because the PCs have to perform continuously during banking hours and beyond. Here are some of the customers who use Cybernet’s all-in-one PCs to support their bank teller operations; click on the logos to read their success stories: