Cybernet ZPC-D5 Keyboard PC

We have some exciting news. After announcing our newest keyboard PC, the ZPC-D5 last month, Cybernet received a request from the Wall Street Journal Technology News product review team to test out a ZPC-D5 keyboard PC for consumer use. The article was posted on July 8, 2011 in the online edition of the Wall Street Journal, in the “Digits” Technology News and Insights blog.

The article is entitled “Worth It? A Keyboard Computer”, and has accompanying video. The reviewer, Naureen S. Malik, tested and reviewed the ZPC-D5 for home use as a consumer. Although Cybernet’s ZPC-D5 is targeted for the business enterprise market such as banking and retail, the reviewer found much to like for home use: the design, functionality, packaging, and versatility. Read the full article at the following link. If you have problems viewing the video in Internet Explorer, try the Firefox browser instead: Worth It? A Keyboard Computer

Here is an embedded version of the video from the article: