What You Need to Look for in the Medical Cart You Purchase

SV42-42221[1]You’d be hard pressed to find a medical facility that doesn’t employ an extensive use of medical carts. When they were initially designed, medical carts were immediately recognized by healthcare administrators as a tool that could profoundly affect the management of the personnel workflow and record keeping practices. Now, medical carts have grown to be one the most used instruments in every reputable healthcare facility and hospital.

There are a number of things about medical carts that make them indispensable to the hospital environment:

  1. Medical carts allow hospital staff to document a patient’s medical history and other information from each patient’s bedside immediately after admission.
  2. Built-in barcode readers in medical carts allow hospital staff to dispense medication quickly without committing errors in oversight.
  3. The increased amount of efficiency improves overall safety levels and patient care practices in a healthcare facility.

Given the important role that these tools play, it becomes important for you to become aware of the features that a medical cart needs to possess. Let’s go through a few key characteristics that you should look for when you begin to purchase medical carts for your facility.

The overall build quality and design of a medical cart must be scrutinized before you make a final purchasing decision. A single cart is bound to be used by different people over the course of a day. Given the fact that hospital staff members possess varying heights, you should purchase a cart that possesses height adjustment options. Look for carts that offer tilting keyboards as well. Optimal ergonomics will ensure that each hospital staff member gets to utilize the medical cart with a great deal of ease.

Reliable Power Source
Given the level of emergency that is present in a healthcare environment, you cannot afford to have a tool that fails in the middle of a crisis. Take a close look at the power source of the medical cart you’re interested in purchasing and make sure that it possesses enough power to operate computer equipment for a protracted duration of time. Versatile AC DC recharging options and automatic low power indicators are always features that you want the cart that you purchase to have.

Security Features
The considerable amount of foot traffic that hospitals deal with on a daily basis could lead to incidents of theft. Medical carts are usually used in conjunction with computing equipment like tablets and laptops turning them into ideal targets for thieves. Losing the equipment will be costly from a financial perspective and compromising for patients as well given the fact that confidential records related to medical cases are stored in these devices. You need to make sure that the cart that you buy has security measures in place that prevent the equipment from being stolen. If your medical cart houses a CPU, ensure that it is locked in place by security fasteners.

The Cybernet Advantage
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