There is no question that a powerful POS system plays a crucial role in the success of your retail business. After all, it is where checkout, payment and other transactions are done. You will want to make sure that each transaction goes smoothly and successfully without any hassles. It will cause great embarrassment to your business if you charge the customer the wrong price or punching in the order takes a long time. Unfortunately, these risks are all too possible with traditional cash registers. Whether you run a grocery, a restaurant or a retail store, here are some reasons to do away with outdated cash registers and start adapting a Cybernet POS system.

24/7 Reliability

Every retail business needs a POS system that offers round-the-clock reliability. This is something that Cybernet POS systems can offer. Unlike traditional cash registers and average POS devices, Cybernet’s all-in-one PC is powered by some of the most powerful CPUs developed by Intel. These make the PCs capable of handling heavy-duty computing tasks without lagging or breaking down. This also means all transactions for your retail business are carried out smoothly.

Touch Screen Technology

One of the most remarkable features Cybernet products is their advanced touch screen technology. This technology can definitely come in handy to retail industries. The 19-inch screen provides a clear and vibrant display. The PC also boasts a five-wire resistive touch capability, making it quick and easy to input data into the PC.

Space-Saving Solution

Space concern is another reason to shift from outdated POS system to a touchscreen Cybernet PC. Even though a Cybernet POS system packs more power, it saves more space. Many retail stores do not have enough counter space for large and bulky cashiers and computer equipment. A Cybernet all-in-one PC eliminates the need for a computer tower, since all the computer parts you need are housed in the compact monitor itself. This means you only need minimal space for the PC. Computer towers are also susceptible to dust, dirt and grime which can eventually lead to their breakage. This problem is no longer an issue with Cybernet’s fanless design.

Secure and Durable Stand

To help you and your employees get the best experience from Cybernet’s POS system, the all-in-one PC also comes with a stainless steel stand. This reinforced steel stand can be tilted up to 60 degrees for better viewing. The stability that the stand provides also ensures that you don’t have to worry about any unwanted motion or wobbling during touch input. The all-in-one PC also comes with VESA brackets so you can easily mount the PC to cash drawers and other equipment.

Multiple Ports

Despite the all-in-one PC’s small and compact size, it features multiple ports that can readily support all your POS accessories. You can connect different kinds of peripherals, such as printers, scanners, cash drawers and more.