Health Care Success Stories

With more than 14,000 customers and over 1 million devices installed, Cybernet helps Health Care facilities with their end-point medical grade devices.

Cybernet Health Care Success Stories

Health Care

Medical professionals providing critical and patient care in a clinical, hospital or laboratory environment often have limited space for computer equipment. Yet today, health care facilities are more dependent than ever on PC technology to run applications for patient care, medical records, practice management, hospital administration and laboratory/radiology analysis. The answer: all-in-one PCs from Cybernet that deliver the performance and reliability needed for critical care, in a space-saving package that's easy to deploy and maintain. Read about how Cybernet's customers have found unique all-in-one PC solutions for their hospitals, clinics, medical schools, and dental practices.

Customer Snapshot


Transition an assisted living facility to electronic recordkeeping

Oak Management chose to wall mount over 35 iOne H5s so that it would be easy for the medical staff to enter and monitor patient medical information.

No units have needed to be replaced since they were installed four years ago. The iOne H5s are easy to use and have resulted in more efficient recordkeeping, more accurate patient information and less paperwork. Read More
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