Cybernet and iMD Health Canada: Powering Medical Information Kiosks for Patients

When iMD Health was looking for a powerful PC to integrate into their interactive health kiosks for health care patients, they had very specific requirements. They needed reliability and wanted touchscreen capability to make it easier for patients to use. They found the ultimate solution in Cybernet’s iOne-GX31 with touchscreen. The results have been ideal for both iMD and the ultimate end-user: patients.
The Customer
Canadian company iMD Health has distinguished itself as a leading provider of transformational medical technologies and services to health care facilities. Among its many products and services, the company markets a high-end kiosk offering health care patients easy access to a breadth of medical information. Thus far, the innovative kiosk has been enormously successful in improving the health care experience for a wide range of patients.
The Business Challenge
For doctors, nurses and other staff in a bustling health care facility, keeping patients updated with important information often proves overwhelming. Tight schedules and heavy workloads can severely limit available time for educating those in their care. As a result, a significant number of patients find themselves lost in a frustrating fog of confusion when it comes to all-important information pertaining to their well-being.

Fortunately, Sandro Micieli recognized the need for a solution to this pressing issue. Sandro is an executive VP with iMD Health and was tasked to find the best possible PC to provide the processing power and user friendliness for their kiosks.
The Cybernet Solution
Sandro recalls that locating the right computer for iMD's innovative kiosk began with a simple Google search. The VP and his team sifted through waves of possibilities delivered by the popular search engine, finally narrowing down the number of contenders to four. Two of these PCs were All-in-One PCs. The remaining two were conventional models with touchscreen monitors.
An intense, four-month evaluation process followed, with Sandro and his team testing the units for performance, compatibility, speed and user-friendliness. The four computers hummed through the process with satisfactory showings in all categories except one – speed. Only the Cybernet iOne-GX31 kicked it into high gear when it came to powering through the blizzard of information necessary to manage on a daily basis.
Preloaded with iMD's proprietary software, the iOne-GX31s installed in the kiosks run at least 12 hours continuously. This constant availability of vital information is a welcome relief to patients, who often are at the mercy of schedules determined by busy medical personnel. The iOne-GX31's innovative user-friendly interface puts the relevant facts at the fingertips of patients when they need it, eliminating long waits for medical assistance. Not only does this expand their knowledge base, it also tremendously cuts down on the stress and anxiety factors.

Sandro points out that the importance of computing speed cannot be underestimated. Understandably, patients are used to accessing information at Internet speed. And with this kiosk system, gigabytes of information must be accessed, filtered and delivered in the blink of an eye. Nothing less than a kiosk-compatible computer with record-breaking processing speed and precision will do.

Key Results
Thanks to cutting-edge technology and design, the Cybernet iOne-GX31 touchscreen definitely has helped iMD Health achieve its goal of ultra high-speed information delivery to patients in health care facilities. Currently, the number of iOne-GX31 units in use is 300.  But Sandro and his team plan to acquire 500 more models in short order.

Clearly, Sandro and his iMD staff consider Cybernet's touchscreen iOne-GX31 the ideal workhorse for their renowned health care kiosks. Providing quick and easy access to a wide range of medical facts and figures, the company's iOne-GX31 powered kiosks are a pleasingly speedy solution for a growing number of patients.


"Thus far, the innovative kiosk has been enormously successful in improving the health care experience for a wide range of patients."
S.M., Executive VP, IMD HEALTH


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