Cybernet and Golden Valley Memorial Hospital: Delivering Maximum Efficiency for Intensive Care

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Golden Valley Memorial Hospital is an extremely busy place, serving the needs of critical-care patients. All equipment in the ICU must be reliable, powerful and readily accessible at a moment’s notice. When it came time to update PCs for the ICU, Golden Valley Memorial chose Cybernet’s iOne-GX31. They mounted the iOne-GX31s on a swing arm attached to the wall so that they could be accessed readily. These powerful all-in-one PCs have really helped the ICU staff run all the applications they need, with the efficiency they need in a critical care environment.
The Customer
Located in Clinton, Missouri, Golden Valley Memorial Hospital is a modern 84-bed medical facility. Their mission is to provide exceptional health and wellness services with friendliness and compassion, and their vision is to make a positive difference in the health and wellness of each life they touch.
The Business Challenge
Every second counts in a hospital. In the meticulously monitored environment of an Intensive Care Unit (ICU), every second counts. For doctors, nurses and other ICU staff, timely responses to patient needs are a daily requirement. Accurate and detailed biometric information is critical. Nobody understands this need better than Jim Begin, Director of Information Technology (IT) for Golden Valley Memorial Hospital. Along with his other duties, Jim had been faced with the task of fine-tuning the data management capabilities of the facility’s ICU. His overriding goal was to implement a computer that combined space saving compactness, performance muscle and user-friendliness. After careful consideration, Jim selected the Cybernet iOne-GX31 (non-touchscreen model).

Narrowing down the choices to the iOne-GX31 was the culmination of a focused evaluation process carried out by Jim and his team. While the group did no technical testing of computing systems, they did thoroughly evaluate the published specs and prices provided by three different manufacturers. Following a series of in-depth product comparisons, the evaluation team agreed that the iOne-GX31 best matched their rigorous criteria.
The Cybernet Solution
The Golden Valley team initially purchased one unit, putting it right to work in an ICU. The i-One-GX31 excelled in its job, impressing both the IT group and the medical staff. A combination of ease of use and performance muscle enabled the computer to keep pace comfortably with the nonstop demands of the ICU. Sold on the advantages of Cybernet’s compact powerhouse, Jim’s team eagerly purchased and deployed additional units.

The Golden Valley team configured their fleet of i-One-GX31s for the peak efficiency necessary in an ICU environment. To satisfy the medical team’s need for easy access, each of the units has been attached to a wall-mounted swing arm. Crucial data are generated and accessed through a powerful combination of Meditech hospital software, an Internet browser and PACS (a picture archiving communications system that displays X-rays, MRIs, and CAT scans). The Meditech software greatly expedites data entry by allowing patient information to be scanned through bar-coded sources such as a wristband.
Key Results.
For the endlessly busy nursing staff, operating the i-One-GX31 system has proven a relatively easy task. A nurse simply uses the unit’s quick-touch keyboard to log in and run its software, and a bar code device to scan relevant patient data.

Overwhelmingly pleased with the i-One-GX31’s performance, the Golden Valley team enthusiastically agrees that the computer has helped them meet their goals. Along with improving ICU data management, one of Golden Valley’s primary objectives was implementing a computer that could operate efficiently on a wall-mounted swing arm. The i-One-GX31 scores high in both areas.

The entire Golden Valley team, including the director of the ICU, agrees that the Cybernet i-One-GX31 is the perfect solution for the medical facility’s growing data management needs. Easily repositioned thanks to its efficient wall-mounted arm, the sleek computing powerhouse clearly is ready to swing into action at a moment’s notice.

"The entire Golden Valley team agrees that the Cybernet i-One-GX31 is the perfect solution for the ICU's needs."
Jim Begin, Director of Information Technology, GOLDEN VALLEY MEMORIAL HOSPITAL


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