Cybernet and Horizon Credit Union: Bringing All-in-One Computing Power to Small Spaces

Horizon Credit Union needed space saving PC systems for Member Services Representative windows with the right configuration to run their multiple banking applications. They teamed up with Cybernet to find the right solution for their 16 branches, and found the performance they needed, along with the space saving advantages of the all-in-one PC in a keyboard: the ZPC-GX31.   
The Customer
Horizon Credit Union is a state-chartered credit union headquartered in Spokane, Washington. It was founded in 1947, and has grown through merger and expansion to 16 branches throughout Washington and part of Idaho. Throughout its history, the mission has always been the same: to provide individualized service to families with common needs.

The Business Challenge
The business of banking has changed dramatically since the advent of the digital age, for the financial institutions as well as their customers. The development of online bill paying and automated teller machines has made personal banking more convenient than ever. But customers sometimes still need to come inside the bank or credit union, where the demands of electronic transaction processing and other related functions have put new demands on facilities that often were not designed for computers at all. At the credit union, tellers are referred to as Member Services Representatives (MSRs), who interact with credit union members at narrow counter windows. Scanning checks that are being deposited, accessing current account information, transferring funds and other operations now require computer stations at every MSR’s window – instead of the traditional cash drawer, stacks of handwritten forms and pigeonhole filing system that once represented state-of-the-art technology. Incorporating computers into a pre-computer setting, as well as their attendant network and power cables and monitors, has been an ongoing challenge for information technology officers at financial institutions worldwide.

This challenge is not new. But Greg Robinson, Vice President of Information Services at Horizon, was able to find a fully up-to-date solution that met his exacting criteria.

Horizon had already been using small-footprint systems in its branch locations, yet the march of time brought the need for more powerful systems that could handle increasingly sophisticated software for processing ever greater volumes of data. Also, Horizon’s growth in the past decade had included mergers with smaller institutions, so Greg had inherited a diverse assortment of legacy systems that varied greatly in capacity and quality. Greg had two critical requirements for their new system: saving space at the MSR’s window and, most importantly, serial port connectivity for small check scanners and CDMs still in use. In addition, to simplify pricing, tech support and training, Greg wanted to choose a single source to replace the existing units from multiple manufacturers. From his background in the health care industry, Greg already knew about Cybernet’s all-in-one PCs, so he decided to include them in his evaluation.

The Cybernet Solution
Greg ordered a ZPC-GX31 from Cybernet to test for 30 days, comparing it to existing units from the other manufacturer already in place. Both companies’ entries had a small footprint and fit well for their intended use, and both offered the necessary computing power to perform as required. However, only Cybernet’s all-in-one keyboard PC came standard with the two serial ports needed for the check scanners and CDMs; the other manufacturer required a special order and long lead time to install the extra ports. That made it easy for Greg to decide; Cybernet was selected as the single source.
Greg had Cybernet customize the ZPC-GX31s with additional RAM, Windows OS, and Microsoft Office. After he received the units, his staff loaded the banking software on one of the units, then imaged it and transferred it to the other units. Once the software was loaded, deployment was fast and easy.

Key Results
With Cybernet's ZPC-GX31 all in one keyboard computers now installed at every MSR window at all 16 branches of Horizon Credit Union across central and eastern Washington and northern Idaho, Horizon is pleased with the performance and connectivity to run all the banking software and peripherals needed. The MSRs are also pleased with the freed up workspace at their windows, enabling them to be more efficient and focus on their members rather than deal with bulky technology. Cybernet’s all-in-one keyboard PC, the ZPC-GX31, has helped Horizon to continue to deliver the customer service they are known for.

"Cybernet’s ZPC-GX31s had the right configuration and design to help us streamline our member service windows. They were also priced competitively, and very easy to deploy."
Greg Robinson, Vice President of Information Services, HORIZON CREDIT UNION



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ZPC-GX31 at every MSR window in 16 branches

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  • HORIZON CREDIT UNION | Cybernet Success Story

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