Cybernet and Silver Slipper Casino: Zero-Footprint-PCs to Update the Gaming Floor

The Silver Slipper Casino looked to Cybernet to help them find the optimum solution for their casino. They needed to serve their customers better while providing an entertaining gaming environment. Because their casino is always so busy, they also needed to make sure their PC technology was going to be able to handle the multiple gaming software applications to keep their operations running smoothly. They settled on the ZPC-GX31 from Cybernet, the perfect solution for their long list of needs.


The Customer
The cacophonous pinging of slot machines as hopeful players try another spin, the shouts of exuberant – and exasperated – gamblers as they court Lady Luck, mixed with the myriad conversations, laughter and the calls of dealers and pit bosses all may create the impression that a busy casino is truly a place of chaos. But the Silver Slipper Casino in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, demonstrates how managers in the multi-billion-dollar gaming industry impose order on the apparent madness through meticulous financial controls and state-of-the-art technology to monitor every game, every transaction and every player, win or lose.

The Business Challenge
Although the games themselves create winners and losers, Alan McClure, Chief Information Officer at the Silver Slipper, needed to find a win-win solution that would allow executive management to oversee all activity so they could maintain a profitable business while still optimizing the guest experience. The ideal system would be easy to use for busy employees tasked with scanning driver’s licenses and Players Club members’ cards, entering transactions and recording data on pit location, table play results and table rating. It would have to be flawlessly reliable in 24/7 operation. Including peripherals, the chosen system would also have a minimal footprint to reduce clutter and fit into a very limited space, to provide the necessary functionality in a crowded environment yet not intrude on the festive atmosphere or décor.

The Cybernet Solution
Alan and the Silver Slipper casino hit the jackpot with their selection of the Cybernet ZPC-GX31 All-in-One PC. Whereas their previous system required a tower, keyboard, mouse and monitor, the ZPC-GX31 integrates computer, keyboard and touchpad in a single unit, which is then connected to a flat-screen LCD monitor. Because it comes with serial ports, it was easy to connect the required peripherals including a bar code scanner, mag strip reader, drivers license scanner and serial printer.
Key Results
Deployment was simple – and secure. Shipping with Windows installed, it runs the casino’s specialized industry software off their server. And because Cybernet was able to customize its units to eliminate the CD-ROM drive, no external software could be run or loaded into the individual computer or the network system, which enhanced data and operational security.

The ZPC-GX31 also brilliantly fulfilled the casino’s need for a system with a minimal footprint. The previous tower-based systems each took up an entire 6-foot desktop, occupying valuable gaming floor space and making the gambling parlor seem a little like an office. Fully deployed with all peripherals, their new Cybernet systems have cut that down to a remarkably efficient 18” x 8.75” footprint. The less obtrusive systems enhance flexibility in the gaming floor layout and create minimal visual distraction for entertainment- and excitement-minded guests.

While an individual player’s luck can run hot and cold, the casino’s new computer system had to provide completely and consistently reliable performance over an extended time frame. And the ZPC-GX31 has proven its exceptional dependability at the Silver Slipper. “The computers have performed very well,” noted Alan, who added that of the units he’s deployed, all in operation 24/7 for over three years, only one problem with one unit’s power supply has occurred in all that time. And Cybernet replaced it immediately.

Alan would also endorse the ZPC-GX31 for others facing similar space limitation and performance challenges. “It’s a good product. I would recommend it,” he stated. This proves that when seeking a robust solution that requires a powerful yet space-efficient computer system that can run in a demanding environment 24/7, choosing the ZPC-GX31 is no risky roll of the dice.

"The computers have performed very well; It’s a good product. I would recommend it."
A.M., Chief Information Officer, SILVER SLIPPER CASINO LLC.



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