Cybernet and Bank Annapolis: Deploying High-reliability Keyboard PCs at Bank Branches

Bank Annapolis has a 12-year history of deploying Cybernet ZPC keyboard PCs at their bank’s seven branches, ordering dozens of units for use at teller stations. The ZPC keyboard PCs reduced clutter at the teller stations, but also reduced maintenance time significantly. The ZPC keyboard PCs are easy to transport for software updating and maintenance, and have superior 24/7 reliability to keep banking operations running smoothly. When it came time to open their eighth branch, Bank Annapolis once again turned to Cybernet and ordered the new ZPC-H6 keyboard PC with numeric keypad and Windows 7 for the tellers.
The Customer
Bank Annapolis provides banking services for small businesses, professionals and individuals at eight branches in Anne Arundel and Queen Anne’s Counties in Maryland. They offer a wide range of services include checking, savings, loans, mortgages, home equity, and commercial real estate. Bank Annapolis is a true community bank that is locally owned and managed, emphasizing personalized banking and exceptional customer service for their customers.
The Business Challenge
As with many banks and financial institutions, Bank Annapolis used standard tower PC systems at teller stations that were ubiquitous in the late 90s and early 2000s. The footprint of their PCs had a tendency to create clutter under the teller counters, become very dusty, and the tangle of cables connecting everything added to the mess. Maintenance such as operating system or software updates required disconnecting all the towers at each branch and transporting them to the IT department, creating downtime. It was time to unclutter the teller workspace and find ways to streamline maintenance.
The IT department researched alternative computing solutions, hoping to find a more compact PC or an all-in-one PC that had the processing power and the right operating system to run their banking software applications. They also wanted to find a PC that was reliable enough for 24/7 operation, and was easy to maintain. They found an advertisement in a banking publication for Cybernet’s early model of the ZPC keyboard PC line, the Elite.
The Cybernet Solution
When Vice-President of Technology Mike Haske arrived at Bank Annapolis in 2000, Cybernet’s ZPC Elite models were already in use in some of the branches, operating older Windows systems. It was time to migrate to the next version of the Windows operating system, so Mike decided to order Cybernet’s newest ZPC keyboard PC model at the time, the ZPC-GX31. He tested the model for several weeks, and decided to place an order.
Over time, Mike ordered a total of 40 to 50 ZPC-GX31s with Windows XP as the bank added more branches to be used by all tellers and few were also placed in the bank’s conference rooms. In 2012, when Cybernet released the new ZPC-H6 with the numeric keypad and Windows 7, Mike purchased eight units to deploy at their newest bank branch opening October 2012; the first Windows 7 PCs for the bank.
Key Results
When the tellers were first exposed to the Cybernet keyboard PCs, they asked where the computers were. Once it was explained to the tellers that everything they needed was in the keyboard, they took to them right away. From the Elites to the ZPC-GX31 and now the ZPC-H6, the tellers are excited about the keyboard PCs, and receive compliments from the bank’s customers about how cool they look, in turn making Bank Annapolis look like they are indeed on the cutting edge of computing technology (and they are.)
Mike Haske is thrilled with the design of Cybernet’s ZPC keyboard PCs. It makes maintenance a breeze because they are light and easy to transport. No longer does his department need to load up tower PCs in a truck to do software or operating system updates. They can just hand-carry them to the IT department. The reliability is also superior, which is essential for 24/7 banking operations. There are no worries about liquids being spilled on the keyboard PCs, because they have removable and replaceable keytops, another advantage for busy bank workers where spills can happen accidentally. Cybernet’s keyboard PCs also have lower power consumption than tower PCs, resulting in lower energy costs. Ease of maintenance and lower energy consumption add up to lower cost of ownership in the long run.

“Cybernet’s ZPC keyboard PCs have the 24/7 reliability we need for banking operations, are super easy to transport and maintain, and lower our total cost of ownership.”
M.H., VP of Technology, BANK ANNAPOLIS



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ZPC-GX31 and ZPC-H6 keyboard PCs for tellers

Clutter-free teller stations, ease of maintenance, lower cost of ownership

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