Cybernet and Millennium Luxury Coaches: Space Saving Computing on Wheels

When Millennium Luxury Coaches decided to find a PC to install in its luxury motor homes, they turned to Cybernet and found the perfect fit in terms of space, quality, design, and performance: the iOne-GX31. Not only does this all-in-one PC fit beautifully into the space onboard the coach, but with its touchscreen capability and exceptional computing performance, it is easily used to control all media and electronics integrated into the coach’s interior. Always setting high quality standards for their luxury coaches, Millennium met their match with Cybernet’s iOne-GX31.


The Customer
Millennium Luxury Coaches is located in Sanford, Florida. As the name implies, Millennium is in the business of creating custom luxury coaches for discriminating tastes. To make the magic happen, a sophisticated conversion process takes place. Highly skilled artisans begin with an ordinary bus chassis and add a custom-built luxury interior that transforms the vehicle into a masterpiece.

The Business Challenge
For Millennium CEO Nelson Figueroa, one of the most significant challenges is maintaining the high standards of his company’s unique product. Naturally, discriminating owners have certain expectations. Not only must the vehicle resonate with luxury, it needs to create a uniquely gratifying experience. Sophisticated technology is vital. For Nelson, this means incorporating a cutting-edge computing system that offers the power to control the vehicle’s functions such as lighting, media center, and stereo.
The Cybernet Solution
It wasn’t long before the Cybernet iOne-GX31 All-in-One PC caught Nelson’s eye. Intrigued by the potential of the renowned workhorse, the CEO purchased a model and set it up in his office. Utilizing the “E-Control” software, Nelson’s team subjected the computer to a variety of tests. The Millennium team quickly recognized the i-One-GX31’s performance muscle and multifunction precision. Clearly, the Cybernet model offered numerous advantages over the other solutions they evaluated. As the team discovered, the competing brands were more of a touchscreen control system than a full PC such as the i-One-GX31, which features extra USB ports, a DVD ROM player/burner and audio/video connections. It was obvious that Cybernet and Millennium Luxury Coachwa were the right combination.

The jump from testing stage to an onboard system was as smooth as the iOne-GX31 itself. Underscoring the importance of easy access, the unit can be mounted on either the vehicle’s bar counter or at a desk. But the i-One-GX31 never intrudes, remaining strategically concealed in a recessed area. When the unit is needed, an electronic mechanism lifts it into view. Connected to a bracket by a standard VESA mount, the computer rises to the same level as a desktop, becoming a convenient tabletop unit.

As configured, the i-One-GX31 offers users both keyboard and touchscreen input options. The touchscreen allows drivers and passengers to control a full range of vehicle functions and amenities such as lighting, stereo, TV, satellite, a media center (a server which stores movies, music, etc.) and even electrically-powered shades. For those with more serious matters on their minds, the i-One-GX31 easily becomes the perfect computer workstation.
Key Results
The i-One-GX31 flawlessly matches performance power with user-friendliness. Passengers and drivers simply switch it on and use the refreshingly straightforward E-Control to make their selections. Owners can’t help but be completely satisfied.

Nelson echoes this satisfaction, maintaining the i-One-GX31 definitely has helped Millennium reach both quality and sales goals. In terms of performance, convenience and user-friendliness, the Cybernet model is light years ahead of its previous computing system. Offering the latest advances in touchscreen simplicity, this Highway Star truly makes traveling in style the ultimate experience.

"The iOne-GX31 flawlessly matches performance power with user-friendliness."



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iOne-GX31 superior quality and space saving design meet Millennium’s high standards

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