Cybernet and NuVision Federal Credit Union: Streamlining Teller Windows for Better Customer Service

NuVision’s multiple branches use a lot of computer equipment throughout their offices, and their teller windows had become a maze of cables and connectors. To free up the counter space at teller windows, NuVision turned to Cybernet’s PC in a keyboard, the ZPC-GX31. Deployed throughout one of NuVision’s branches, the units look great, they enable the tellers to be more efficient in an uncluttered workspace, and they save energy and money for the company overall.
The Customer
A credit union formed before World War II to serve the employees of one of America’s largest aircraft manufacturers could certainly claim that it has always been focused on the future. After all, aerospace has continually been on the leading edge of design and technology. With that heritage, it’s no wonder that after 75 years since the original institution was formed, today its descendant, NuVision Federal Credit Union, takes pride in using technology to improve member service and employee efficiency. Today, NuVision is headquartered in Huntington Beach, CA, and has 11 branches in Los Angeles and Orange Counties.
The Business Challenge
For David Nguyen, who’s responsible for IT support at NuVision, the problem was space. Or more specifically, the lack of it. In NuVision’s branches, most of the interiors were laid out long before computers became a necessity in the industry. Yet business moved forward and the computers were brought in. But they crowded the tellers’ counters with a keyboard, mouse, monitor and the typical desktop PC tower, which in some cases was larger than the available space and hung out over the counter edge.

Although the computers were necessary for the credit union to function and made many of the tellers’ tasks easier, the tangle of cables and the crowded workspaces created an unsettled and stressful environment. The backs of the computers showing plugs, cable connections and fan outlest were often visible to the membership through the glass partition, presenting an unsightly, unprofessional image. The whole situation seemed like a compromise, which of course it was.
The Cybernet Solution
David started searching for new components that in some way could streamline the systems or combine elements to save space. Then one day, another senior tech at the company showed him a brochure from Cybernet, and David realized he had found exactly what he was looking for. It was the Cybernet ZPC-GX31 all-in-one computer that integrates the processor into the keyboard, and it seemed the logical solution to replace his bulky, unattractive PC towers. David called Cybernet and purchased a ZPC-GX31 for trials, because first he had to ensure that the Cybernet unit was as reliable as the famous-name PC currently in use.

When he received the unit, David installed the software they use in the branches, such as Microsoft Windows XP Professional and Adobe Acrobat, and connected it to their network to run the banking program Navigator. His team ran mock operations to determine its capabilities and left it on for days at a time to gauge its endurance. No glitches arose during the testing phase, so David ordered eight ZPC-GX31s for one of the branches.
Key Results
Deployment was a snap because the all-in-one ZPC-GX31 had all the connectors needed, so it simply bypassed the bulky tower PC. Replacing the biggest element in the system – and the biggest headache – freed up counter space, cleaned up the unsightly view for members and eliminated an additional cable. The ZPC-GX31 is easier to upgrade and service so maintenance costs are lower. And Cybernet’s all-in-one computer requires about half of the energy as the tower PC, saving even more money.

NuVision’s first field evaluation went beautifully and the ZPC-GX31s performed without a problem. “The unit works great,” said David, which convinced him to order 40 more to update several more branches. “It runs well, does the job and saves space.”

It’s great when a product purchased to save space also saves money, which is just what NuVision got with the ZPC-GX31 all-in-one PC by Cybernet.

"The unit works great. It runs well, does the job and saves space."



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Unclutter teller windows by reducing number of computer components

ZPC-GX31 at teller windows

Superb performance while saving space, energy, and money

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