Cybernet and Cheney Federal Credit Union: Loyal Customer Returns to Cybernet for New Solution

Cybernet was the chosen vendor for Cheney Federal Credit Union for a second time when their CEO needed a new solution for their teller stations. Cheney FCU chose the space saving all-in-one computer Cybernet ZPC-GX31 with its processor and keyboard integrated within a single streamlined unit. Replacing terminals with the ZPC-GX31 units helped their tellers be more effective, resulting in greater customer satisfaction as well as overall cost savings for the credit union.

The Customer
JoAn Sanders is the CEO of Cheney Federal Credit Union in eastern Washington state. She wanted to do what’s best for her organization because she understands that the same method she uses in selecting new computers is just what her customers go through when evaluating their choice of bank. Even though Cheney is a smaller town with limited choices of financial institutions within the city, such now-common conveniences as direct deposit and online services mean the locals don’t need to use a local bank. They can easily manage all their accounts and pay their bills over coffee at the kitchen table, regardless of where their bank is physically located.
The Business Challenge
At their single brick-and-mortar facility, Cheney FCU had been using Cybernet products for about six years when it was time for a change. They had been using the computers as dumb terminals at the teller stations, connected to their server, offering no PC function at all. Now, she wanted each teller to have a PC that could run apps such as CU Gold, their financial software suite, and Microsoft Office.
Most companies don’t consider “customer loyalty” a decisive factor when selecting new computers for their business. That’s because the rapid pace of technological change has rewritten the rules of the game since their last purchase, even if they have been happy with the last acquisition from a particular manufacturer. It may be a good idea to include that manufacturer in the review, but there’s no guarantee that same company will have the best solution this time around. When computers need to be updated or upgraded, the wise manager always takes a fresh look at all the candidates in the market.
The Cybernet Solution
JoAn included Cybernet in the evaluation due to its successful past performance but looked at a variety of options in both tower systems and small PC configurations. In her research she found that the Cybernet ZPC-GX31 all-in-one PC provided the power and capacity to do the job, that it incorporated the connectors for their printers plus an LCD monitor and wired mouse, and that its integrated design had a smaller footprint than any tower. So she ordered units for pilot run testing.

Having done her homework, it was now up to the ZPC-GX31 to make the grade. After an easy install and connection to the network, it wasn’t long before the word came back that this mini PC had passed the test; the tellers loved them, as they ran their financial software and other applications without a glitch. This convinced JoAn that her existing computer vendor was still the right choice to obtain the quality, performance, functions and space saving design she sought. Her order for more units quickly followed, and soon all the teller stations were set up with their own ZPC-GX31.

Key Results
“They work great for our needs,” said JoAn, adding that they are very happy with the units' power and reliability – since they are on 24/7. Cybernet quickly rectified the single problem she encountered – a monitor issue which occurred after four years of operation. The ZPC-GX31 units have helped the credit union achieve its goals of increased function, space-saving, efficiency and cost-effectiveness, and the entire team likes their computers. They have “no complaints,” she noted, and in that regard, “no news is good news.” But it’s also good news that Cybernet earned her trust and earned her business once again when it was time to upgrade her computers.

"They work great for our needs, and we're very happy with their power and reliability, since they are on 24/7."



Cybernet Product

PC functionality at teller stations to run financial applications

ZPC-GX31 at all teller stations

High-performance functionality, increased efficiency, and cost savings

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