Cybernet and Seattle Vocational Institute: Upgrading the Classroom with Medical All-in-One PCs

The Seattle Vocational Institute has specialized classrooms for their dental and medical assistant curricula. These classrooms have dental equipment as well as PCs that are used by students and instructors. They needed the latest PCs with the right amount of processing power, but this teaching environment is messy, so the objective was to find a space saving PC with waterproof and/or antimicrobial finish. Cybernet had the perfect solution: the iOne-MP171 all-in-one medical PC. As a result, their instructors and students can be more efficient, and the PCs are powerful enough to run all the applications they need.
The Customer
One advantage in life a disadvantaged student often lacks is experience with the state-of-the-art technology that can help them build a successful career in our high-tech world. In wealthier areas children typically have up-to-date computers both at school and at home. Yet students in less affluent communities may not even know anyone who owns a computer or ever uses one. Because every young person deserves a rewarding career if they’re willing to work, it’s important that these individuals get relevant training. Today, that training includes learning employable skills on computers that are just as fast and powerful, and have all the functionality, as the computers they’ll use on the job.

In the Pacific Northwest, the Seattle Vocational Institute has brought cutting edge computers into the classroom to accomplish just that. A member of the Seattle Community College District, SVI prepares students for careers in such fields as construction and cosmetology as well as information technology and dental care.
The Business Challenge
IT Director Michael Baker, found the inspiration to use an all-in-one PC while visiting a local children’s hospital. Seeing a diagnostic all-in-one pc installation, he realized that a space-saving computer with a medical certification rating was the perfect solution for integrating state-of-the-art technology into the dental program at SVI. He had tried desktops but they were bulky and would only run on AC power, which caused problems in the tight confines of a treatment room. Laptops were less cumbersome, but couldn’t run all day on battery power and were quickly ruined by moisture from sanitizing agents and spills.
The Cybernet Solution
So Michael did his Internet homework and found Cybernet’s medical all-in-one pc, the iOne–MP171. He noted that it carried an IP65 rating, meaning that water sprayed from a nozzle will not penetrate its exterior, and it’s “dust tight,” the highest possible protection against dust, completely preventing any ingress. Its exterior also features permanent antimicrobial protection, so it seemed it could withstand the challenges of the clinical setting and a harsh cleaning regimen. And it certainly had the processing power, capacity and speed to do the job.
Key Results
SVI bought several i-One-MP171 all-in-one pcs and installation was fast and problem-free. They’re the perfect mates for the clinic’s new Ergotron medical carts; together they enhance an efficient workflow and create a more professional environment. Designed for point-of-care mobility, the carts are equipped with a 65-amp battery plus four hospital-grade AC outlets. The iOne-MP171 plugs into the cart, allowing the unit to be maneuvered into the optimal position in each treatment area and for each patient. The carts plug into the building’s AC power overnight to recharge their batteries.

Running Windows XP, the iOne–MP171s connect wirelessly to the Institute’s network to run the EagleSoft dental office software suite, and are used primarily as an imaging station and to access patients’ records. With the help of a powered USB hub they also connect to a keyboard and mouse, which are antimicrobial, as well as an X-ray sensor, intra-oral camera, extra-oral camera, and a second monitor where the patient can watch their own procedure in real time.

“The team here thinks they’re pretty cool,” said Michael, adding that he’s pleased with the customer service and follow-up, and that the computers are working beautifully.

Today, the Cybernet iOne–MP171 all-in-one medical computers in place at Seattle Vocational Institute enhance its ability to carry out its important mission: helping disadvantaged young people get good jobs and real careers. As Michael proudly points out, “the students are thrilled to be working with such state-of-the-art technology.”

"The team here thinks they’re pretty cool."



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  • SEATTLE VOCATIONAL INST | Cybernet Success Story

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