Spencer Savings Bank and Cybernet: Saving Space, Saving Money

Spencer Savings Bank was no stranger to small form factor computers, but they needed more processing power to support the volume of their transactions. By upgrading their systems to the iOne-GX31s, they were able to achieve the processing power and performance that they needed, while using an all-in-one PC to save space (and save money at the same time).
The Customer
It certainly did not become a $2 billion financial institution by throwing money away. In fact, the heart of its philosophy is right in the middle of its name: Spencer Savings Bank. Spencer was of course originally established for that very purpose, to give local consumers and businesses a place to safeguard their money and grow their savings. Like its many loyal customers, the bank believes that’s the surest path to a more secure future. It’s also the same kind of thinking the institution applies when considering capital improvements, leading them to do careful research and thorough evaluations to make sure they find the best value on the market.

That philosophy paid off when Jonathan Shachov, System VP of Information Technology at Spencer Savings, recently chose the Cybernet iOne-GX31 spacing-saving all-in-one computer for the bank’s latest upgrade. He is responsible for the information and technology infrastructure of Spencer’s 18 branches across northern New Jersey. These branches run the Windows XP operating system on a network, using MS Office and a banking application with connections to Craden DP6 and DP7 passbook printers and HP4200 LaserJet printers.
The Business Challenge
Research on the Internet first brought the Cybernet name to Jonathan’s attention, and the iOne-GX31 jumped out as a potential solution for several of his needs. Previously, he had been using small form factor computers from HP. Now Jonathan wanted current state-of-the-art processing power, speed and capacity in an all-in-one configuration to save even more space. The iOne-GX31, which has the computer in the LCD monitor, looked promising. So he called Cybernet and received a demo model for appraisal.

The Cybernet Solution
Like a bank looking over a business’s financial statements before making a loan, Jonathan looked into the i-One – literally opening it up to check the quality of the components and workmanship of assembly. Quite pleased with the machine itself, he then put it through its paces in simulated operation. First he loaded the bank’s image onto the hard drive, including the OS, peripheral drivers, applications, fonts, everything his eventual choice of computer would have to have. They tested it powered-on for 72 consecutive hours. They performed dozens of mock transactions and functions and timed the iOne’s responses. Not only did the iOne-GX31 all-in-one PC look good, it performed beautifully. Yet would it satisfy the bank’s desire to find the best value and the iOne-GX31 also offered the best price. Very satisfied with the results of his assessment process, Jonathan went ahead and placed his order for 108 units, including Cybernet keyboards and mice.

Key Results save money?

Jonathan had also been evaluating computers from HP and Dell, but when he went to the bottom line there was no question about which manufacturer’s products he would buy. Every bit the equal of the major brand-name computers in speed, capacity and quality, the
With the new i-One computers now installed at Spencer Savings’s branches, Jonathan has no issues with their operation and has received no complaints from his team. One monitor had a problem with a few dead pixels, but he returned it for an immediate replacement.

Jonathan reports that his selection of Cybernet’s iOne-GX31 has “absolutely” helped the bank meet its goals of saving space with an all-in-one configuration and of getting up-to-date power and speed in an exceptionally reliable computer. He adds that by choosing the iOne-GX31, the bank saved a “great deal” of money.

Cybernet offered the best value without sacrificing performance,” he says. And thanks to Jonathan’s careful shopping and comprehensive testing, Cybernet was able to help Spencer Savings Bank live up to the philosophy extolled in the very heart of its name.

"Cybernet offered the best value without sacrificing performance."
J.S., System VP of Information Technology, SPENCER SAVINGS BANK



Cybernet Product

Greater processing speed, power capacity in an all-in-one PC

iOne-GX31 all-in-one LCD PCs

Greater performance, reliability and value saved money

Customer Snapshot

Website: https://www.spencersavings.com
HQ: Elmwood Park, NJ
$1.9 billion total assets, 225 employees