Update Software and Cybernet: Serving Up All-in-One Solutions for Wineries

Update Software was searching for an all-in-one PC that they could offer for sale with their winery management software, VinNOW. After trying other solutions, they chose Cybernet’s iOne-GX31 with touch screen for their winery customers. Winery staff members use the Cybernet and VinNOW system for point-of-sale transactions in tasting rooms, and also for back-office applications such as inventory control, administration, and shipping. Reliability was a key requirement because these systems are on 24/7, and the iOne-GX31s perform beautifully. Update Software was pleased to find a reliable all-in-one PC with the right features that could run their software effectively; it helps them continue to provide the best customer service in their industry.
The Customer
Update Software Inc. is the developer of VinNOW software that is used by the wine industry. The VinNOW software includes applications for marketing, inventory, wine clubs, shipping, and point of sale transactions. As an option to their customers, they resell all-in-one computers along with their software. Update Software is located in the heart of wine country in Hopland, California, and sells to wineries and wine bars nationwide.
The Business Challenge
Update Software needed a compact and reliable PC to use for their VinNOW POS software system. Although the company is in the software business, they wanted to offer the PC hardware to their customers as a convenient option. Their winery customers don’t have a lot of counter space to work with inside their tasting rooms, and the winery environment tends to be a bit dusty and dirty for CPU towers. An all-in-one PC solution would address both of those problems. CEO and founder Ted Starr began searching for all-in-one PCs that could handle this environment, and that also had a touch screen option for point of sale transactions.
As business grew, Ted tried different types of hardware combinations; ordinary PCs with a separate touch screen monitor, other all-in-one PCs, and specialized POS computing systems. Ted decided it was time to find a better solution, so he put his staff to work researching their computer options. And then one day when Ted was at his bank, he saw a Cybernet all-in-one LCD PC in use and asked if he could look at it. He then had his team do some research on Cybernet and to get some references. It was time to test out a unit.
The Cybernet Solution
CEO Ted Starr also owns Milano Family Winery in Hopland, so that became the testing ground for the Cybernet iOne-GX31, loaded with the VinNOW software. He and his technical team put the PC through its paces. They took it apart and looked inside. The iOne-GX31 passed all the tests, so Ted decided to place an order. They placed it on their website and began reselling it to their winery customers who wanted a PC along with the VinNOW software.
Winery and wine bar staff members use the iOne-GX31 primarily for customer point-of-sale transactions, and the touch screen capability helps speed up the process. A winery will often have multiple all-in-one systems in use; some for point-of-sale in the tasting room, and others for back-office administrative, inventory, and shipping applications. For the back office applications, they use the all-in-one PC with a keyboard and mouse rather than touch screen.
Key Results
Update Software’s customers are happy with the all-in-one PCs, so the company is also pleased. They know they can offer their customers a computer that runs their VinNOW software effectively, and has the right combination of features to meet the customers’ unique needs. Their winery customers run their computer systems 24/7 so that critical automatic backups can take place, and Cybernet’s iOne-GX31s’ reliability is outstanding. Update Software has high standards for their own customer service, and Cybernet’s all-in-one PCs help them continue to deliver.

"We are proud to offer Cybernet all-in-one PCs to our winery customers. These PCs have all the right features, run our winery software effectively, and are extremely reliable."



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