The Savings Bank and Cybernet: Saving Space and Time in Busy Bank Branches

The Savings Bank had been using Cybernet keyboard PCs for a few years when their new Network Administrator was tasked with upgrading and redeploying their banking operations software. He decided to upgrade the all-in-one PCs at the same time, and purchased Cybernet ZPC-GX31s for all teller stations in all of their bank branches. He deployed them gradually as the software was being rolled out. The ZPC-GX31s were easy and fast to deploy, and all the tellers now have streamlined workspace at their teller windows. In addition, the reliability of the units have been so outstanding that the Network Administrator has freed up time to work on other IT projects. By using ZPC-GX31s, The Savings Bank accomplished two objectives: to save space and to save time.
The Customer
The Savings Bank was originally chartered in 1869, and through the years has grown to eight branches and three affiliated financial services organizations. They are headquartered in Wakefield, Massachusetts, and employ 140 people through the organization. The Savings Bank offers consumer and commercial banking, retail investments through TSB Securities Group, insurance through TSB Insurance Services, and wealth management services through First Financial Trust, N.A.
The Business Challenge
When Network Administrator Vincent Tirone started at The Savings Bank, he brought with him a bit of experience with other all-in-one PCs from his previous employer. The PCs he had deployed and maintained before were quite bulky and unwieldy, and difficult to work with. He was pleasantly surprised to learn that The Savings Bank had all Cybernet keyboard PCs in place at teller windows. At that time, the Cybernet keyboard computers were Elite 2 and Elite 4 models, the precursor to the ZPC-GX31. Compared to his previous experience, Vincent thought the Cybernet PCs were sleek, indestructible and definitely space-saving. He was looking forward to working with these new all-in-one PCs to see how they performed.
As Vincent took over IT and network management, he was impressed with the reliability demonstrated by the Cybernet keyboard PCs despite being on 24/7. He knew that tellers can be hard on keyboards due to constant use, but the units held up to the physical pressure. Vincent knew he could count on Cybernet for his next challenge: upgrading their core banking operations software and redeploying it to all the teller PCs. Not all branches had the newer models of Cybernet all-in-one PCs at every teller window, so the existing models would have to be replaced.
The Cybernet Solution
Because Vincent had observed the reliability of the Cybernet Elite 2 and 4 units, he was ready to test out the newer keyboard computer, the ZPC-GX31. He ordered three units and had Cybernet customize them for 4GB of memory and pre-load Windows 7. He deployed these first three units to the smaller branches and tested them out for six months. The ZPC-GX31s passed the test in terms of reliability but also keyboard speed: the tellers found them faster and easier to use. Vincent ordered four more units, then six more. His last order was for 25 units, which will complete the replacement of all the tellers’ PCs.
Key Results
The main reason for using a keyboard PC at the teller windows was to save space. There is not much room at a teller window, and the window itself must remain open so the teller can interact with customers. The PC must remain off to the side without cluttering the window. The Cybernet ZPC-GX31’s slim profile was the perfect fit. Now the tellers have an uncluttered window area to work in when they are conducting bank transactions with customers, and when their window is closed, they use the keyboard PCs to track daily transactions on spreadsheets and use administrative applications.
Vincent is quite pleased with the fast and easy deployment of the ZPC-GX31s because it made his job a lot easier. Due to the superior reliability of the Cybernet units, he doesn’t have to spend a lot of time maintaining them, and is freed up to focus attention on all of the other IT systems of the bank that he is responsible for. The Cybernet ZPC-GX31s were a win-win for The Savings Banks’ IT department and tellers alike.

"The ZPC-GX31s are great for the tellers because they don’t have to fight for space any more, and the outstanding reliability of the Cybernet PCs makes my job easier."
V.T., Network Administrator, SAVINGS BANK OF WAKEFIELD



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A reliable and durable keyboard PC for teller windows

ZPC-GX31s for teller windows at all bank branches

Superior reliability reduced maintenance time, space freed up at teller windows

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