South Jersey Federal Credit Union and Cybernet: Redesigning Member Services

When it came time for South Jersey Federal Credit Union to implement a new member service philosophy, they turned to Cybernet for the right all-in-one PC hardware. Because they were building member service pods in their branches, they needed an all-in-one PC to enhance the look and feel of the pod design, and provide the optimum computing power the Member Service Representatives needed to serve members. Cybernet’s iOne-GX31s were chosen as the ideal solution for their member service pods. They were easy and fast to deploy as each branch was converted to the new pod layout, and fit beautifully into the new design. The credit union is now able to engage their members more fully in their new member services process.
The Customer
South Jersey Federal Credit Union (FCU) was originally chartered in 1940 to serve the employees of the New York Shipbuilding Company in Camden, NJ. Today they serve more than 40,000 credit union members along with 400 corporate employee groups. They are headquartered in Deptford, New Jersey, and have five other branches in the region. South Jersey FCU offers multiple financial products and services, such as checking and savings, loans, credit cards, CDs, and IRAs.
The Business Challenge
Although South Jersey FCU had been using standard PC equipment for years, the need for a new type of PC arose when they decided to reconfigure the layout of their branches and implement a new service philosophy. Traditionally, they had used a bank-type arrangement with teller windows for member transactions and desks for loan and other financial services. The credit union decided to make a fundamental change in how their members interacted with the member services representatives (MSRs). They eliminated the teller window setup and instead built “pods” whereby an MSR and a member could stand side by side and look at a PC monitor together. Each pod would consist of two all-in-one PCs, arranged on each side. They made plans to roll out the new configuration to four of their six branches.
Vice-President of Information Technology David McDevitt was tasked with finding the right all-in-one PC that would fit into the sleek design of the member service pods. An all-in-one design was a must, as there would be no floor space for towers, and there would be no room for a mass of cables on or around the pod. Because the pods and computer equipment would be entirely out in the open, he wanted the all-in-one PC to look new and high-tech, fitting in with the aesthetics of the new branch layout and conveying the right look and feel.
The Cybernet Solution
David McDevitt did some online research to find the ideal all-in-one PC, and found Cybernet. He ordered a test unit of the Cybernet iOne-GX31 all in one PC that he deployed into the MSR area in the Deptford main office. The MSRs who used it for two months really put it through its paces using the credit union’s software applications. They were upset when the unit was moved to one of the other branch locations to be installed (but eventually they got their own iOne-GX31 PCs when the main office was converted to the new layout).
After receiving concurrence from his management staff, David decided to order iOne-GX31s from Cybernet, and began deploying them as each branch was converted to the new pod layout. He had Cybernet customize the iOne-GX31s for the appropriate amount of RAM, and to pre-load Windows OS and Microsoft Office.
Key Results
David found that the iOne-GX31s were very easy to deploy. Once the credit union’s proprietary software was loaded, all he had to do was plug in the units, place them on a swivel stand on the pods and they were ready to go. They looked great and very inviting, and fit in nicely with the design of the pods. But that was just the beginning. Once the iOne-GX31s were in use on a regular basis, they noticed other advantages. According to David, the iOne-GX31s run very cool, and there is no fan blowing air at the members’ or users’ faces, no matter how they are positioned on the swivel stand. They’re also very strong on the performance side, with the right amount of power and reliability to keep the credit union’s operations running smoothly. The iOne-GX31s were the perfect addition to the new pod design, enabling South Jersey FCU to keep members more engaged in the process, and provide the ultimate in member services.

"Cybernet’s iOne-GX31s had everything we were looking for: all–in-one design, ease of deployment, great aesthetics, and the power we need to deliver our best service to our members."
D.M., VP of Information Technology, SOUTH JERSEY FCU



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Integrate all-in-one PCs into member service pods

iOne-GX31 PCs built into service area pods in credit union branches

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