Medi-Weight Loss Clinics and Cybernet: Keeping Weight Loss on Track

Medi-Weight Loss Clinics sought a new supplier of touchscreen all-in-one PCs for their nationwide weight loss clinics. Their previous supplier raised prices and couldn’t deliver on time, so the company decided to give Cybernet a try. They evaluated an iOne-GX31 all-in-one LCD PC for a week, and decided to order them. They were pleasantly surprised that Cybernet could customize the PCs to meet their budget and technical specs, while delivering the units right on schedule with very little lead time. They were also pleased that the design of the PCs enable them to have a consistent look and feel across their locations. Cybernet has become Medi-Weight Loss Clinics’ supplier of all-in-one PCs for their expanding franchise network.
The Customer
Medi-Weight Loss Clinics was founded in 2005, operates 79 clinics in 21 states, and is headquartered in Tampa, Florida. Their clinics administer physician-assisted weight loss programs for patients of all ages. Patients meet with medical staff at the clinics to set up their weight loss programs and monitor progress. All-in-one PCs with touchscreens are used in all patient rooms and run Medi-Weight Loss Clinics’ proprietary software. During visits to the clinics, the patient and medical staff member use the all-in-one PC together in the patient room to view their medical records and discuss progress in private.
The Business Challenge
Medi-Weight Loss Clinics uses a franchising business model and therefore are continually expanding and adding new locations. When new clinics open, they need all-in-one computers right away, because without them, they can’t administer their programs. New PCs must be readily available, often on short notice. A six- to eight-week lead time is too long, and waiting for any back-ordered models is out of the question. They needed a supplier that could deliver PCs on short notice on a consistent basis. In addition to availability, Medi-Weight Loss Clinics also needed an all-in-one PC that could help them maintain a consistent look and feel across all of their franchise locations and not become obsolete, as happens with some large computer manufacturers that change models every few months. Availability and consistency were of utmost importance.
The Cybernet Solution
For several years, Medi-Weight Loss Clinics used another all-in-one PC from a reseller-supplier for their clinics. However, the resellers’s pricing started fluctuating, and their available inventory became erratic. Medi-Weight Loss Clinics’ corporate office began to look for a new supplier that could meet their budget along with their availability and design needs. Eric Brown, Vice-President of IT, and the Vice-President of Operations began their research. They first considered Dell, but then rejected them due to lack of long-term availability of all-in-one PCs, and also because their product models were changing too often. Eric then did an Internet search for “all in one touchscreen”, and found Cybernet.
Eric requested an evaluation unit to test out, and received an iOne-GX31 with touchscreen from Cybernet. He put the unit through its paces. Eric loaded Medi-Weight Loss Clinics’ proprietary software and ran it for one week. The unit performed beautifully. It was easy to deploy because it was pre-loaded with the operating system. Eric also was impressed that the iOne-GX31 could be used on a desktop surface or mounted on a wall; some clinics are designed more for wall use than desktop use, so it was great to have a choice.
Eric contacted Cybernet to place an order and customize the units for the right amount of memory and hard disk capacity to fit their needs and budget. Eric received the units right away at their central office and was able to deploy them to their clinics as needed.
Key Results
Cybernet certainly met the challenge of continued availability for Medi-Weight Loss Clinics, and the iOne-GX31s provide the consistent look and feel at all of their clinic locations. Patients can visit any of their clinics and be assured that they will have a consistent user experience, which in turn enhances the reputation of Medi-Weight Loss Clinics and helps maintain their brand. In addition, the Cybernet iOne-GX31s are easy to deploy and maintain; the clinic can order one from Medi-Weight Loss Clinics’ central ordering system, and have it up and running a few minutes after taking it out of the box. Cybernet’s ability to fully customize the unit also kept Medi-Weight Loss Clinics on track with their budget.

“Cybernet has become our most reliable supplier for all-in-one PCs. Not only can they deliver quickly, but the PC’s design and performance helps our company provide our services consistently throughout all our locations.”
E.B., Vice-President of IT, MEDI-WEIGHTLOSS


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Continuing availability enables them to support their company’s growth, consistent design helps maintain their brand

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