Marin General Hospital and Cybernet: Phasing In All-in-One EMR Computing

When Marin General Hospital needed to upgrade their PCs to handle a new EMR software application, they decided on all-in-one PCs that could be mounted on walls or carts and used throughout the hospital. They chose Cybernet’s iOne-MP171 medical computer as the ideal solution because the CPU and memory were customizable, giving them the right power and performance to run their EMR software. The price was also a great fit for their budget. Marin General ordered their units with privacy filters, and deployed them throughout the hospital. Nurses are the primary users of the PCs, and enter medical and clinical data into the EMR application. They like the touch screen option and the medical grade features that enable them to keep the PCs clean and germ-free.
The Customer
Marin General Hospital is located in Greenbrae, California, and is the only full-service, acute care hospital in Marin County. It was established in 1952, and has 235 beds that serve the local community. Along with hospital care, Marin General is the single source for many specialized services in the county: ER/Trauma, Family Birth Center and NICU, Marin Cancer Institute, Haynes Cardiovascular Institute, the Spine and Brain Institute, a Chest Pain Center, a Primary Stroke Center, and inpatient psychiatric services.
The Business Challenge
It was time for Marin General to move from a paper-based records system to an EMR application, and from bulky tower PCs at nurses’ stations to streamlined all-in-one PCs. The IT department began their search for new PCs to use throughout the hospital, and that could be mounted on walls or medical carts. Nurses are the primary users of the PCs, so they were involved in developing requirements and desired features.
They found two manufacturers of all-in-one PCs that met their basic requirements, and then took a closer look to make sure that the performance specifications would support their Paragon EMR software, and that the overall price would fit within their budget. Touch screen was another option they considered, and although not a requirement, having a medical grade certification would be a bonus.
The Cybernet Solution
Marin General’s IT department decided to order a Cybernet iOne-MP171 to test. They loaded it with their EMR software, and tested it at various locations within the hospital via wireless connections. Nurses were involved in the testing phase, and provided feedback, including the recommendation of adding a privacy filter to ensure HIPAA compliance. After a few months of testing, the Cybernet passed the test. Unlike other all-in-one PC models that the IT department had considered, the iOne-MP171 was customizable for CPU and memory, and so it easily ran their EMR application without a hitch. In addition, the price point for the iOne-MP171 was lower than the competitor, so it fit Marin General’s budget.
When the test was concluded, the nursing leadership and management teams approved the purchase, and Marin General ordered 148 iOne-MP171 units with privacy filters. The iOne-MP171 medical computers come standard with touch screens, and are medical-grade, enhancing the overall value to the users.
Deployment was very easy for the IT staff. They loaded the operating system along with the EMR and other software on one PC, and created an image to load on the other PCs. Where the PCs were wall-mounted, they only had to run power and network cabling. Once that was done, it was easy to mount the iOne-MP171s to the wall. At the other locations in the hospital, the setup was a bit easier because the power and data outlets were already in place.
Key Results
Nurses and other medical staff members use the iOne-MP171s to enter medical and clinical data as part of the new EMR software, and these PCs have the power, performance, and reliability to run these applications 24/7. The touch screen option is great, as some nurses prefer a mouse and some prefer a touch screen. With medical grade certifications and the antimicrobial coating, it’s easy for them to keep the PC clean and germ-free. The privacy filters give the nurses and medical staff the ability to use the PCs anywhere in the hospital while being confident that they are HIPAA-compliant. The iOne-MP171 medical PCs turned out to be the best solution to meet everyone’s needs throughout the hospital.

“Based on my experience with Cybernet from sales to deployment to usage to support, I would recommend them to anyone.”
Lynelle Takigawa, Manager-Clinical Informatics, MARIN GENERAL HOSPITAL


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