Aqueous Technologies and Cybernet: Working Together to Meet Production Schedules

After searching for a consistent and reliable supplier of all-in-one PCs with the right specifications, Aqueous Technologies identified Cybernet’s iOne-GX45 all-in-one PCs with touch screen as the perfect solution to integrate into their Trident defluxing systems. Cybernet was able to reliably supply the right quantities of all-in-one PCs to keep Aqueous Technologies’ product schedule running smoothly.
The Customer
Aqueous Technologies manufactures cleaning and defluxing systems, cleanliness testers and stencil/misprint cleaning machines. Best-in-class cleaning equipment is Aqueous Technologies’ core competency, and has received 37 industry awards over its more than 20 years in business. They are located in Southern California, and ship their cleaning systems worldwide to a variety of markets: military, aerospace, communications, medical and commercial OEMs.
The Business Challenge
Aqueous Technologies had been using other brands of all-in-one PCs for integration into their Trident defluxing systems. The PCs are loaded with proprietary software to control the equipment and become part of the defluxing system. The Trident system was designed to accommodate a 4:3 format display screen for the PC. The problem was that the other PC suppliers were migrating to widescreen models that would no longer fit with the physical design of the Trident. It was time to find a new supplier that could deliver all-in-one PCs with the right specs, in the right quantities to meet the production schedule of Aqueous Technologies.
The Cybernet Solution
The primary Buyer at Aqueous Technologies did some research to find a new PC to use with their Trident system as well as finding a new supplier. After considering and rejecting a tablet PC, they found that Cybernet had the perfect size and specifications with their iOne-GX45 all-in-one PC. After testing a Cybernet iOne-GX45 with touch screen for a couple of months and consulting with their production engineers, they came to the conclusion that it would run their proprietary software, and the unit could be mounted securely on the Trident system. The Buyer then had some conversations with Cybernet about lead times and quantities, and decided to place their first order. Several months and several orders later, Cybernet continues to deliver right on time, meeting the production schedule of the company.
Key Results
Aqueous Technologies’ customers expect “what you see is what you get”; it’s important to the company’s reputation to deliver exactly what their customers see on their website or brochure. Also, their customers order the Trident systems in quantity and require consistency; each one in the order needs to be exactly like the others. Cybernet was able to supply identical iOne-GX45 all-in-one PCs in the quantities needed to meet the needs of Aqueous Technologies’ customers. Aqueous Technologies and their customers are pleased with the PCs’ reliability, and there have been no technical issues whatsoever. Best of all, Cybernet makes the Buyer’s job easier, knowing that they now have a supplier who can consistently and reliably deliver what they need.

“Cybernet’s iOne-GX45s with touch screens were the ideal PC units to integrate with our Trident systems. We needed a reliable, consistent PC and supplier, and found both in Cybernet.”



Cybernet Product
iOne-GX45, iOne-H19

Find consistent supplier of PCs with the right specs

iOne-GX45s with touch screen, built into their Trident systems

Ideal fit and performance, consistent and reliable supplier

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