First Service Bank and Cybernet: Streamlining Teller Stations

First Service Bank turned to Cybernet to update the PC technology for their bank branches, replacing conventional tower PC configurations with keyboard PCs and all-in-one LCD PCs deployed on desktops. Tellers and other banking professionals now have more workspace and streamlined PCs that help them provide services to their banking customers more efficiently.
The Customer
First Service Bank has been providing banking and financial services to central and north-central Arkansas for more than 45 years. With nine locations, First Service Bank offers a wide range of services to their local communities, including personal and business banking, loans, escrow, debit and credit cards. They are headquartered in Greenbrier, Arkansas, and have 115 employees.
The Business Challenge
Tellers and other banking professionals always need to have computing power where they provide services to customers: at teller stations and customer service desks, and also for the back-office administration staff, at their desktops. Many of the tower PCs were housed in compartments within antique wood desks on the main floors of the bank, resulting in ventilation and cooling issues. With limited space for PC towers and connecting cables, all-in-one PCs provide an ideal alternative, streamlining the space, moving the PC to the desktop, and improving the ventilation. First Service Bank decided on all-in-one PCs, and so began the research the find the right design and supplier for their needs.
The Cybernet Solution
The IT Officer at First Service did his homework, and found Cybernet’s keyboard computers along with all-in-one LCD PCs. They were attracted to the keyboard PCs because they had serial connectors that the tellers needed for the validation printer used during transactions. Cybernet’s ZPC keyboard PCs were purchased for the tellers. For the customer service and administrative desks, the iOne-H5 all-in-one PCs were purchased, and were placed on top of the desks instead of inside. As new branches were opened and the bank expanded, more Cybernet all-in-one PCs were ordered for the branch staff members, a process which continues today.
Key Results
The tellers and operations managers really like using the keyboard PCs; many of them use the navigational touchpad instead of a mouse, which increases efficiency even further. The iOne-H5 units on top of the desks really look great, and they have freed up the compartment space in the desks where the towers used to be. Deployment time for the units was also reduced somewhat because there were fewer parts to connect and install, and the IT department says that maintenance is a breeze.

“Cybernet’s keyboard PCs and LCD PCs were the right solutions for our tellers and banking professionals, freeing up workspace and improving the look of our branches.”
Marlin Partney, IT/Security Officer, FIRST SERVICE BANK



Cybernet Product
ZPC-GX31, iOne-H5

Find space spacing PCs for tellers and banking staff

ZPC keyboard PCs for tellers, iOne-H5s for customer service and administration

Saves space, easy to use, fast to deploy

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  • FIRST SERVICE BANK | Cybernet Success Story
  • FIRST SERVICE BANK | Cybernet Success Story

Customer Snapshot

HQ: Greenbrier, AR
115 employees