Sephardic Nursing & Rehabilitation Center and Cybernet: Installing EMR medical computers with great return on investment

When the Sephardic Nursing & Rehabilitation Center converted their paper-based medical record system to a touch-screen PC-based EMR application, they needed to find PCs to run the software that could also be easily accessed by the nursing staff. They ordered CyberMed MP15T medical computers and mounted them on the walls throughout the facility. The nursing staff find them easy to use and to clean, and the IT staff are pleased with the performance, durability, and the slim profile. They view the CyberMed MP15Ts as their computer of choice for many years to come, especially since they can add on modules such as RFID and barcode scanners or Smart Card readers without having to replace the PC hardware.
The Customer
Sephardic Nursing & Rehabilitation Center (Sephardic) provides long-term care, short-term rehabilitation, and adult day care services in Brooklyn, New York. Sephardic has capacity for 255 residents in their facility, staffed with 188 certified nursing assistants (CNAs) and 60 nurses. Established in 1948, their mission was to create an innovative retirement home where the elderly could receive care in a familiar local environment. They still follow that original mission, and have since evolved to add the right staff and state of the art technology to continue delivering the best nursing and rehabilitation care available to their residents.
The Business Challenge
For many years, the CNAs at Sephardic had been using a paper documentation system for medical and Activities of Daily Living (ADL) records. The IT department then took delivery of a new EMR application from Optimum that was built for a touch screen PC. It was time to find hardware to use with the new software. At first, the IT department considered using a touch screen monitor, but they really needed a PC to run the EMR software, so that limited their options of where they could put a traditional monitor and PC combo. They then researched all-in-one PCs and found Cybernet’s CyberMed MP15T. It had the right amount of processing power, was medical grade, and had a slim profile which would enable them to mount the PCs on the walls. They decided to order an evaluation unit from Cybernet.
The Cybernet Solution
When the IT staff opened the box and unpacked the CyberMed MP15T, the first thing they noticed was the great design; it was professional-looking, medical grade and had the perfect dimensions for mounting on the walls. They looked inside the unit, too, before plugging it in and booted it up. They found it to be very responsive and fast. They loaded the EMR software and tested it for a couple of weeks, engaging the Director of Nursing as well as the EMR Coordinator, who both gave it a green light. The IT department also looked at the long-term picture for the PCs, and the potential return on investment. With all of the module options available such as RFID and barcode scanners, and Smart Card readers, they could order those in the future as needed without having to replace the base PC hardware. The decision was made to order the CyberMed MP15Ts.
Key Results
When the 16 CyberMed units arrived, the IT staff was able to get them all installed in just 4 days, which included the time to install all the software, run cable and prepare the wall mounts. They fit perfectly on the wall mounts and with their slim profile, easily fit within the clearance in the hallways. The primary users (the CNAs) find them easy to use, especially the touch screen capability. The CNAs are also glad that the CyberMed MP15Ts are antimicrobial and that they can clean the screen due to the IP65 front bezel.
The IT staff finds that the PCs are extremely durable even in a medical environment which is not kind to PC hardware, and the PCs are extremely reliable, even when running 24/7. Best of all, they see the CyberMed MP15Ts yielding a great return on their investment because when they add capability for barcode scanning and card readers in the future, they can simply order those modules from Cybernet and install them on the CyberMed MP15Ts without having to buy new PCs.

“CyberMed MP15Ts are ideal, and with all of the available modules, they’ll yield a great return on investment. I’d recommend Cybernet to anyone; their level of service is above and beyond!”


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