Vetter Health Services and Cybernet: Bringing quality design and performance to wall-mounted PCs

Vetter Health Services replaced their old technology with new Cybernet iOne-G4 medical PCs, mounting them on the walls of their long-term care facilities. They chose the iOne-G4 PCs because they fit within the profile constraints for wall-mounts, and had touch screens and great processing power to run their new EMR/ADL medical applications. The certified nursing assistants are extremely pleased to have such an easy-to-use PC accessible near the patient rooms, making their job easier. The Vetter IT department is also pleased with the quality, reliability, and the design of the iOne-G4; it was a perfect solution for their long-term care facilities.
The Customer
Vetter Health Services operates 32 long-term care facilities in Nebraska and surrounding states. Their facilities offer a wide range of care: independent and assisted living, memory care, rehab, hospice, skilled nursing, and adult day care. More than 3000 team members work at Vetter Health Services.
The Business Challenge
When it came time to transition from paper-based record-keeping to digital systems, Vetter’s IT department had to find the right PC hardware that could run the new software they had adopted for EMR and ADL (Activities of Daily Living) charting for their long-term care facilities. This new Achieve Matrix software had all of the features that the Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) needed to record patient and resident information, and required a PC with a touch screen.
At first, the IT department used another brand of all-in-one PCs for this purpose, but then the manufacturer changed the design and they were no longer compliant with the 4-inch profile they needed to maintain for wall-mounted PCs. The search was on for a new all-in-one PC supplier.
The Cybernet Solution
The IT department learned about Cybernet’s products from CDW, who suggested that Vetter take a look, so they ordered a test unit of the iOne-G4 widescreen all-in-one PC from Cybernet.
When the test unit arrived, the IT department examined it; they were looking at several factors. The first factor was the physical dimensions; would it fit the wall mounting boxes? They determined that the iOne-G4 would indeed fit. The second factor was durability; they were concerned about the heavy use and abuse the PCs would get from being in service 24/7. They decided that the unit was quite sturdy and durable. The third factor was performance. They loaded their EMR/ADL software and it ran perfectly. They decided to order the iOne-G4s for two of their long-term care facilities.
Key Results
The CNAs love using the iOne-G4s. The touch screens are very responsive, which speeds up their input. Mounting the iOne-G4 near residents’ rooms makes it easy for them to immediately update records as they exit each room, rather than having to rely on their memory at the end of a shift. The IT department is extremely pleased with the way the iOne-G4s look on the walls, blending in nicely with the updated décor and technology in their new facilities. More importantly, the iOne-G4 PCs have superior performance and run their medical software flawlessly. They are very reliable and low-maintenance, so the IT department can focus their attention on all of the other projects that they have in their 32 health care facilities.

“Cybernet’s iOne-G4 PCs have world-class quality, performance and design – helping Vetter Health Services deliver world-class services to our patients and residents.”
J.A., Network Administrator, VETTER HEALTH SERVICES


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