Leak Detection Associates and Cybernet: Ideal PC features and reliability for integrated systems

Leak Detection Associates manufactures integrated systems that test packaging integrity and stability in several vertical markets. These systems consist of detection equipment, proprietary software and PCs to operate the system. When Leak Detection Associates redesigned the system and enclosure, they turned to Cybernet for all-in-one PCs that had the right set of features to integrate with their system, with the reliability needed to support their end user customers’ 24/7 operations. Leak Detection Associates found the ideal PC technology partner in Cybernet.
The Customer
Leak Detection Associates manufactures turnkey leak detection systems that are used to test packaging integrity in the pharmaceutical, medical device and food industries. The company has been developing, manufacturing and installing leak detection systems for more than 10 years. They are based in Blackwood, New Jersey. Their systems consist of proprietary software, detection equipment, and an all-in-one PC to operate the system; integrated together in an enclosure that is used in a factory or industrial setting.
The Business Challenge
Leak Detection Associates’ customers (and users of the equipment) are operators in the quality control or quality assurance departments of pharmaceutical or other types of companies. The Leak Detection Associates systems enable the users to test the integrity and shelf life stability of seals in a wide variety of packaging, such as cold form blisters, foil pouches, and vials.
Leak Detection Associates previously used tower PCs that were placed in the enclosure below their detection equipment in the system. When they redesigned and streamlined their SIMS1282+ Helium Leak Detector a few years ago, they chose to use an all-in-one PC instead because the former PC enclosure was now a small storage area. The all-in-one PC and keyboard would be mounted on a reticulating arm at the top of the SIMS unit.
The PCs used previously had serial ports to integrate with their detection equipment, so the challenge was finding an all-in-one PC that had this capability, and that also would continue to run on Windows XP to be compatible with their proprietary software.  They also needed to have touch screen capability for use with their proprietary software.
The Cybernet Solution
The Vice-President of Engineering at Leak Detection Associates had used a Cybernet keyboard PC previously as part of their own manufacturing operations. He then assigned one of the staff to research and evaluate Cybernet and other touch screen all-in-one PCs to use in their updated system design. After that research was completed, they concluded that Cybernet all-in-one PCs had the best set of features that would easily integrate with the rest of their system, especially the availability of serial ports and the option for Windows XP. Additionally, Cybernet also had the best price and support. Leak Detection Associates ordered a unit to test. They loaded their proprietary software on it, and tested it as if they were an end user customer. After two weeks, they were sold on the Cybernet all-in-one PCs. They ordered iOne-GX45 all-in-one PCs and also later ordered some iOne-H5 widescreen models. More recently, they are also evaluating Cybernet’s new keyboard PC, the ZPC-D5 as a possible alternative configuration (with a monitor) for their leak detection systems.
Key Results
Leak Detection Associates and their end user customers have experienced many positive benefits from Cybernet’s iOne-GX45 and iOne-H5 all-in-one PCs. The Vice-President of Engineering is very pleased with the ease of use, reliability, and most importantly, the choice of features that were available in the Cybernet all-in-one PCs; their technology problem was solved. The end users of the system are also very pleased with the touch screen capabilities that make them more productive, and the reliability is exceptional for their environments where the leak detection equipment is often used on a 24/7 basis. Leak Detection Associates enjoys doing business with Cybernet; there are no hardware or software problems with the PCs, the service is great, and they look forward to continuing to work with Cybernet as their PC technology partner.

“Cybernet’s all-in-one PCs had the ideal combination of reliability and set of features we needed for our leak detection systems, including serial connections, choice of OS, and touch screens.”
Jeff Morrow-Lucas, Vice-President of Engineering, LEAK DETECTION ASSOCIATES, INC.



Cybernet Product

All-in-one PCs with the right features to integrate into their systems

iOne-H5 and iOne-GX45 mounted on reticulating arms

Right features (serial connectors, touch screen) and great reliability

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  • LEAK DETECTION ASSOCIATES, INC. | Cybernet Success Story
  • LEAK DETECTION ASSOCIATES, INC. | Cybernet Success Story

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