Ozark Bank and Cybernet: Enabling Tellers to Speed Up Real-Time Transactions

Ozark Bank had a triple challenge: replace aging PCs with faster processors, migrate to Windows 7, and free up space at teller and drive-through windows at their local bank branches. After researching all-in-one PCs, they chose Cybernet’s iOne-GX45 all-in-one PC to install at their teller windows. The tellers like the new PCs with the slim, space-saving design and that have greater processing power to help tellers handle real-time transactions with maximum efficiency.
The Customer
Ozark Bank is a regional bank in southwestern Missouri, with four local branches and multiple ATMs throughout the area. Ozark has a long history in the state and was founded in 1906 as “Ozark Savings Bank.” In 1937, the name was simplified to Ozark Bank, and they added branch locations in 1970, 1989 and 1991. Ozark Bank offers a full range of consumer and business banking services, including savings and loans, checking, investments, merchant accounts and Internet banking.
The Business Challenge
As with most banks over the last two decades, Ozark equipped their teller windows and drive-through stations with tower PCs situated underneath a counter. Cables connected through the countertop to the displays and keyboards above, creating a rather cluttered workspace. As PCs evolved with faster processors and operating systems changed over the years, newer tower PCs would replace the older models, but the cable clutter remained. Their most current PCs had the Windows XP operating system. They also were looking for faster processing power so that tellers could perform real-time transactions more speedily.
The IT Department of Ozark Bank determined it was time for a change when the decision was made to migrate from Windows XP to the Windows 7 operating system. They did some research on all-in-one PCs in an effort to reduce the clutter and to upgrade to faster processors and Windows 7 all at the same time. After considering a couple of other PC manufacturers that offered one or two all-in-one models, they chose Cybernet because it had the best all-in-one design: a slim profile and small footprint. In addition, the Cybernet model had Windows 7 and the processing power they needed, so they found everything they were looking for in one package.
The Cybernet Solution
Ozark Bank ordered a demo model of the iOne-GX45 from Cybernet to test for 30 days.  The System Administrator and tellers participated in the testing, and liked the processing power and design. As a result, Ozark Bank ordered several more iOne-GX45 PCs and installed them in two of their regional branches – at teller and drive-through windows.
Key Results
For Ozark Bank, installing Cybernet’s iOne-GX45 PCs helped them make the transition to Windows 7 while giving them faster PCs with less clutter. They also have the added bonus of providing a standardized look for the bank teller windows, with the slim profile and appealing design – important for customer-facing transactions. The tellers are happy with the new all-in-one PCs and found them easy to learn to use. They also like having more counter space freed up so they can concentrate on delivering the best customer service that Ozark Bank is known for.

"Cybernet’s iOne-GX45 all-in-one PCs have the computing power and space-saving design to help our bank tellers process real-time transactions more efficiently."
J.D., Sr. Vice-President & CIO, OZARK BANK



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