Chiropractic & Nutrition Wellness Center and Cybernet: Keyboard PCs to Keep the Office Running Smoothly

Chiropractic offices use PCs for many office operations: front desk and reception, administration, marketing, scheduling, and office management. The Chiropractic and Nutrition Wellness Center in Shelby Township, Michigan, decided it was time to remove the clutter of traditional desktop PCs, even though the systems they were using were compact, small form-factor PCs. Instead, they found Cybernet’s all-in-one keyboard PCs in 2007, and ordered ZPC-GX31s as replacements for their old desktop systems. More recently, they ordered the ZPC-H6 keyboard PC from Cybernet for their marketing office, and plan to order this newest model over time to replace the older units. Cybernet’s keyboard PCs turned out to be the perfect way to reduce the clutter on their desktops, with great reliability and the right processing power to run their office productivity and customized medical software.
The Customer
The Chiropractic and Nutrition Wellness Center is located in Shelby Township, Michigan, and was founded by Dr. Karl Johnson, who has been a practicing chiropractor for 30 years. The Center offers state-of-the-art chiropractic services, nutrition counseling, immune system enhancement, rehabilitation services, and specialized treatments. Dr. Johnson and his staff of six professionals provide a caring and relaxing health care environment for their patients. Their mission is to provide optimal chiropractic and nutritional care supported by wellness education.
The Business Challenge
Prior to 2007, the Chiropractic and Wellness Center used small form-factor desktop PCs in their office: at the front desk, in their business office, and in their marketing office. Although the smaller PC chassis took up less space than a conventional desktop PC, cable clutter got in the way of work surfaces.  When those PCs reached the end of their useful life, Dr. Johnson became intrigued with all-in-one PC technology and decided to evaluate them as a replacement for the desktop systems because he liked the idea of reducing the desktop footprint and eliminating all the cables to and from the CPU. An avid reader of PC Magazine, he saw a Cybernet ad in the Marketplace section of the magazine, and decided to visit their website. He found the ZPC-GX31 keyboard PC, and after reviewing the specifications, decided to order several of them for his office to replace the older desktop systems. That was in 2007, and the ZPC-GX31 PCs have been working great since then. More recently, Dr. Johnson has ordered the ZPC-H6, the newest keyboard PC from Cybernet, and will gradually start replacing the ZPC-GX31 units over time.
The Cybernet Solution
The ZPC-GX31 keyboard PCs that the Chiropractic and Nutrition Wellness Center ordered in 2007 were well received by the staff. The zero footprint of the PCs created new desktop space for the staff users, and they were easy to install and hook up to their monitors and mice. The Center uses standard office productivity software along with specialized proprietary medical, EMR, and scheduling software; the ZPC-GX31s runs all their software at top speed. The Center also contracts with a third party IT company to remotely monitor their computer hardware systems 24/7, so the PCs run continuously – with no hardware issues or problems. When the Center decided to purchase a new ZPC-H6 for the publication relations staff person, it was judged to be very sleek, with fast performance. As the Center replaces the remaining ZPC-GX31s, the rest of the staff members are looking forward to using the new ZPC-H6 PCs as well.
Key Results
Doctor Johnson and the staff at the Chiropractic and Nutrition Wellness Center were very pleased to find a keyboard PC that frees up their workspace, works just like it’s supposed to, and provides reliable, high-performance computing support for their office operations. They are also very pleased with their interaction with Cybernet because they received great service, were always able to speak with a human, and felt that Cybernet listened to their needs.

"We have been using Cybernet's ZPC keyboard PCs in our chiropractic office for years; they are the perfect size and form factor for us and eliminate desktop clutter. We really like Cybernet's knowledgeable salespeople and exceptional U.S.-based support staff; it's a real pleasure to do business with them."
K.J., Founder, Chiropractic and Nutrition


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Free up workspace clutter in their chiropractic office

Cybernet keyboard PCs ZPC-GX31 and ZPC-H6

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