Millinocket Regional Hospital and Cybernet: CyberMed Touch Screen PCs for 24/7 Reliability

The Millinocket Regional Hospital (MRH) is a critical care facility that provides health care needs around the clock to their regional rural community. Medical Grade all-in-one PCs are used primarily by nurses in their emergency room, their inpatient medical-surgical units, and their ambulatory surgical units, or exam rooms. Prior to finding Cybernet, MRH used a competing solution, but the price increases exceeded their budget when it came time to upgrade their PCs. They found the perfect solution with Cybernet’s iOne-GX31 all-in-one PC, the CyberMed MP15T medical computer, and the CyberMed H19. The Cybernet PCs had the processing power and functionality to run their EMR applications, with outstanding 24/7 reliability. The nurses are quite pleased with the responsive touch screen capability, and the emergency room staff is very impressed with the speed at which they can switch screen views.
The Customer
Millinocket Regional Hospital (MRH) is a regional health care facility founded in 1955, and became a critical access hospital (CAH) in 2002. As such, it serves the health care needs of the rural community in the Millinocket, Maine region. MRH has multiple locations and offers inpatient and outpatient services including 24/7 emergency care, rehabilitation services and outpatient physician services. They employ nine physicians and allied health professionals throughout their organization. Their mission is excellence in health care; their vision is striving to be the patient’s first choice; and their values include serving with quality, compassion, and dignity. In keeping with their stated mission and values, in January of 2013 Millinocket Regional Hospital was ranked #4 among 176 of New England’s best hospitals, as rated by patients.
The Business Challenge
Millinocket Regional Hospital’s Information Systems staff had deployed a competing all-in-one PC model on carts for use in their medical-surgical inpatient units and emergency room. Over time, the vendor’s price increases reached the point at which the IS team needed to consider other vendors, and so in 2010 they took a look at Cybernet’s all-in-one PCs. They needed all-in-one PCs with touch screens, that could be mounted on a cart, and that had 15-inch displays. Cybernet met all of their requirements, so they ordered a demo unit of the iOne-GX31 all-in-one PC.
The Cybernet Solution
The IS staff mounted the iOne-GX31 all-in-one PC on a medical cart; their nurses then tried it out and provided feedback to the IS team. The nurses really liked the touch screen, it was the perfect size, it had the right functionality, and they especially liked the privacy filter. MRH then ordered several devices and deployed them in the medical-surgical units and the emergency room. Those devices are still in use today. In 2013, the IS staff chose to buy the CyberMed MP15T medical PCs for the ambulatory surgery units (exam rooms), mounted on medical carts. These are also used by the nurses, who prefer the 15-inch display and also really like the wireless capability. One more model was purchased for the Emergency Department – a CyberMed H19, with a 19-inch display. The ED staff preferred the larger display and the processing power made it easy for them to rapidly go from one screen view to another.
Key Results
Nurses are the primary users of all of the Cybernet all-in-one PCs at Millinocket Regional Hospital, and whether they are using the iOne-GX31s in the ER or the medical-surgical units, or are using the CyberMed MP15Ts in the ambulatory surgery units, the Cybernet PCs have the perfect functionality, a responsive touch screen, and the processing power to run their EMR software with ease. The ED staff also like the functionality of the CyberMed H19 and the larger display meets their needs. The IS staff at Millinocket Regional Hospital really like the Cybernet medical PCs because they have the 24/7 reliability that is required to keep their hospital ready to serve patients around the clock. They also appreciate the fact that they receive no complaints from the nursing staff and the PCs are easy to deploy, making the IS department’s job a lot easier.

"Cybernet’s customer service, and their medical PCs’ functionality and reliability have been perfect. I’d definitely buy Cybernet products again."
T.F., Director of Information Systems, MILLINOCKET REGIONAL HOSPITAL


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