Members Credit Union and Cybernet: A Long History of ZPC Keyboard PCs

Members Credit Union has been deploying Cybernet ZPC keyboard PCs since 2004 in their 18 branches in North Carolina. Their tellers, loan officers and administrative back office personnel use the ZPC keyboard PCs to deliver a broad range of financial services to their more than 50,000 members. After the 10-year history of using Cybernet keyboard PCs, the Members Credit Union IT department has now standardized on the ZPC keyboard PC, including the latest model, the ZPC-H6. Standardizing saves them time to deploy and maintain the more than 100 ZPC units throughout their branches, and the reliability of the ZPC keyboard PCs helps keep Members Credit Union’s operations running 24/7.
The Customer
Members Credit Union is a member-owned, not-for-profit financial cooperative headquartered in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. They offer a full range of financial services: checking, savings, CDs, IRAs, debit cards, lines of credit, and many types of loans. Compared to banks, they charge lower fees, offer lower loan rates and deliver higher interest on deposits. Members Credit Union was founded in 1953 with 20 members, and now has over 50,000 members and 400 sponsor companies, served by 18 branches. Members Credit Union’s stated mission is to improve the financial well-being of their members.
The Business Challenge
Most credit unions and banks used a standard PC tower configuration for their back office operations, tellers, and loan officers; Members Credit Union was no different. However, in the 2003 and 2004 timeframe, their IT department decided it was time to find a more space-saving solution for their credit union employees. They found an ad for a Cybernet all-in-one keyboard PC, and decided it was the perfect solution. They wanted to do a consistent deployment of PCs throughout the organization to ease the IT burden; it’s easier to support one standardized type of PC than multiple brands and configurations. Members Credit Union’s IT staff also wanted to reduce the clutter of cables and peripherals throughout the desks and teller stations throughout their offices.
The Cybernet Solution
They started out with Cybernet’s ZPC “Elite” model in 2004, then purchased the ZPC 9004 model, then the ZPC-GX31, and most recently, the ZPC-H6 model. It all adds up to a long history of Members Credit Union using Cybernet keyboard PCs, spanning 10 years. Their IT department deploys them throughout their offices and branches: in the back office, at the loan officers’ desks, teller stations, and at the desks of the administrative and accounting offices.
Even though the oldest Cybernet keyboard PCs have amazing reliability and are still functioning, the IT department did planned upgrades for their more than 100 Cybernet keyboard PCs. As operating systems changed and the need for faster processors arose, they went back to Cybernet each time to purchase the newest model of the ZPC keyboard PCs for one branch or department at a time. Presently, about 25% of their branches have the newest model, the ZPC-H6, and the remainder of the branches or departments will be receiving them in the future as needed.
Key Results
The IT Department of Members Credit Union decided to standardize on the Cybernet keyboard PCs to make it easier to deploy and maintain all of the PCs for employees across all 18 branches, and they are very glad they did. It saves them a lot of time, and the reliability and Cybernet’s superior technical support keeps their branches up and running 24/7. The users of the ZPC-GX31 and ZPC-H6 keyboard PCs like the clutter-free work space, and love using them; some of the employees have inquired about whether they can get a ZPC to use at home. Members Credit Union found a solid, winning solution with the ZPC line of keyboard PCs from Cybernet.

"We decided to standardize on Cybernet’s all-in-one keyboard PCs since 2004 because they are easy to deploy and maintain, they save a lot of space, and have the ideal performance for our credit union operations."



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Free up desktop space throughout their offices

ZPC-GX31 and ZPC-H6 keyboard PCs for tellers and back office

Reduced desktop clutter, easy to deploy and maintain, high reliability

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