Hacienda HealthCare and Cybernet: Medical PCs to Run a New EHR System

When hospitals convert medical record systems from analog to digital, it's a challenging undertaking. Such projects require new software and hardware, and lots of advance planning. It took Hacienda HealthCare two years to complete their analog-to-digital conversion project, but it was completed on time because they had a computer hardware partner that made their job easier: Cybernet. Hacienda HealthCare chose Cybernet's all-in-one medical PCs because they could test our demonstration units of various models to see which type of PC would work best in each department or area of their medical facility. Hacienda could also order medical carts from Cybernet, enabling one-stop shopping for their project hardware. The CyberMed MP15Ts, CyberMed H6s and iOne-H6s purchased by Hacienda are performing beautifully, running their EHR system 24/7 and enabling their medical staff to serve their patients at maximum efficiency.
The Customer
Hacienda HealthCare provides medical services for chronically ill infants, children and young adults in Arizona. Headquartered in Phoenix, Hacienda's range of services include 24-hour nursing and respiratory care; physical, occupational and speech therapy programs; and social and dietary services. Hacienda HealthCare also operates Los Ninos Hospital, offering acute and sub-acute pediatric care, and the Hacienda Skilled Nursing Facility designed for infants, children and young adult who require short- or long-term nursing care.
The Business Challenge
In 2010, Hacienda HealthCare began a 2-year project to convert their medical record processing from a paper-based analog system to an electronic health record (EHR) system that required all new hardware and software. This was a challenging project because Hacienda had to not only find the EHR software to run their record-keeping system, but also had to find computers to run the software and medical carts and wall mounts so that the EHR system would be accessible throughout their facilities: at nursing stations, in patient rooms, in administrative areas, and in exam rooms.
Because Hacienda had to place so many new computers in relatively small areas, they thought that all-in-one computers would be the best solution. They contacted many vendors, but Cybernet was the only one who was willing to provide demonstration units to Hacienda so that they could evaluate which model might work in each different area of their medical facilities. Because of Cybernet's demo unit program, Hacienda was able to identify the right all-in-one PC for each area and finalize their system planning more quickly. Not only that, but Cybernet also had the medical carts they needed, enabling Hacienda to obtain all of their hardware from just one vendor.
The Cybernet Solution
The IT department involved the nursing directors, doctors and administrative staff during the testing phase to evaluate the Cybernet medical all-in-one PC demo units. The staff members were excited about moving to an EHR system, and the liked Cybernet's line of medical all-in-one PCs because they seemed very easy to use and were compact and easy to move around on carts. Hacienda chose three Cybernet medical all-in-one PCs for their facilities. They purchased 15-inch CyberMed MP15Ts to mount on the Ergotron powered carts for bedside charting in patient rooms. They also are using CyberMed MP15Ts on their medicine carts to deliver and track medication for their patients.  Hacienda purchased CyberMed H6 PCs and mounted them on walls for medical charting and record input. They also purchased iOne-H6 all-in-one PCs for use at nursing stations and other desktop-based charting areas.
Key Results
All of Hacienda's medical services delivery staff are now using Cybernet all-in-one PCs to perform their duties electronically. The new PCs save space and enable them to easily use their new EHR software. From an IT standpoint, the PCs continue to perform flawlessly in a 24/7 environment. Working with Cybernet made the IT department's job a lot easier because of their demo unit program and range of all-in-one PCs to choose from. As a result, Hacienda was able to complete their conversion project on schedule, with the right computers and other hardware to successfully implement their new EHR system throughout their medical facilities.

"Our analog-to-digital medical record transition was a huge task that took 2 years and required all new hardware and software. Choosing Cybernet's all-in-one PCs made my job a lot easier; they performed flawlessly during the implementation and continue to reliably run our new medical record software."
K.M.P., Information Technology Director, HACIENDA HEALTHCARE


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