Oak Management Converts Assisted Living Facility to Electronic Recordkeeping

Oak Management, a healthcare management company, helped to convert one of its clients, an assisted living facility, to electronic recordkeeping so that charts and paperwork were no longer done manually but were computerized instead.
Oak Management wanted a computer solution that:
  • Could be kiosk mounted on the walls in the hallways
  • Had an easy to use touch screen
  • Would last for years without failure
The solution was to be used by nurses, doctors, medical aides and other medical staff. Oak Management looked for a vendor with a solid industry reputation that coupled extended warranties with responsive technical support.
The Solution
Oak Management deployed 35 of Cybernet's iOne H5s All in One PCs primarily wall mounted in hallways.
The assisted living facility hasn't had a single hardware issue with any iOne H5s in the four years since the computers were initially installed.  Productivity is up and errors are down as a result of the transition to electronic healthcare records. Patient records are more accurate and there is substantially less paperwork because the iOne H5s make it easy for medical staff to enter and monitor patient data. 
The Customer
Oak Management is a consulting firm tasked with IT for a variety of clients, including assisted living facilities.

"In the four years since we started using the iOne H5, we haven't had a single computer failure out of the 35 we are using. At one point I did need to get documentation on how to recalibrate the units and their tech support was very responsive. When it’s time to upgrade, I will be looking to Cybernet for newer models."
Chrs, IT Director, Oak Management Services


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Transition an assisted living facility to electronic recordkeeping

Oak Management chose to wall mount over 35 iOne H5s so that it would be easy for the medical staff to enter and monitor patient medical information.

No units have needed to be replaced since they were installed four years ago. The iOne H5s are easy to use and have resulted in more efficient recordkeeping, more accurate patient information and less paperwork.

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