Long-term healthcare facility gets new touchscreen medical computers for charting

The nursing staff at Peak Resources was not happy with the computers they were using in their old long-term healthcare facility as "charting" computers. They complained that the computers were too slow and falling apart.
Luke, IT Systems Administrator at Peak Resources, also found that the resistive touchscreens of the computers were taking a beating and wanted to move to PCAP touchscreens.
Peak Resources decided to replace the existing computers with less expensive and faster touchscreen medical computers that were more durable and that came with an extended warranty.
The Customer
Peak Resources is a leading nursing home, memory care and adult rehabilitation company in North Carolina. Serving seven locations, Peak Resources' has an "I care" customer service program and works to ensure the highest standard of care possible.
The Business Challenge
The nursing staff disliked the current charting computers complaining that they were too slow and falling apart. Luke set out to find a vendor that had a medical computer with an i3 processor and a PCAP touchscreen at an affordable price. He was also looking for medical computers that came with an extended warranty of 3 – 5 years. The previous vendor's warranty was only for one year.
The Cybernet Solution
Peak Resources evaluated Cybernet's 22" medical computer, the CyberMed C22, for 30 days. At the end of that time, they kept the evaluation unit and ordered 17 more. With its PCAP touchscreen and the i3 Intel processor, the CyberMed C22 has more than enough processing power to keep their nursing staff happy. The extended warranty and the price point made Luke happy.
Key Results
"Productivity has gone way up since the deployment of the CyberMed C22 as a point of care solution. The staff is able to get a lot more done in a shorter period of time."
Cybernet worked with Peak Resources to get them the best price possible and still meet their requirements. 

I put the Cybernet demonstration unit in the dining room. Almost immediately, the staff were lining up to use it rather than the computers in the hallways.
Luke, IT Systems Administrator, PEAK RESOURCES, INC.


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Cybernet Product
CyberMed C22

Find medical all-in-one PCs to replace medical computers that were failing, too slow and generally disliked by the medical staff.

A 22 Inch medical computer with an i3 Intel Processor, a PCAP touchscreen and an extended warranty at a price that fit their budget.

The nursing staff is much happier with the CyberMed C22s as their charting solution. The new computers are much faster with the Intel i3 processors and are easier to use with PCAP touchscreens.

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