Security Company Replaces iPads with 10.1 All in One PCs

AD High Tech needed to replace iPads in a customer's in-wall monitoring stations used for resident property surveillance. The solution had to be:
  • Compact enough to fit in the wall enclosures that previously housed the iPads
  • Durable enough for 24x7 use
  • Support Windows for remote access
The Customer
AD High Tech is a technology company specialized in providing video surveillance, computer network, and telephone configuration, and cloud storage solution for surveillance video files.
The Business Challenge
The iPads couldn't handle the stress of 24x7 use. Additionally, iPads don't support Windows so that the client couldn't connect to the iPads remotely for routine administration, patching, diagnostic and maintenance.
The main challenge was to find a computer that would fit into the enclosure that previously housed the iPads. The computer had to fit flush against the wall, so it didn't protrude from the cabinet.
The objective was to find not only sleek but also durable solution. The computer must be able to operate 24x7 without failing or requiring a lot of repairs or frequent maintenance.
The customer also required a Windows-based touch-screen PC.
The Cybernet Solution
AD High Tech was looking for a solution to replace their iPads. After a successful demo of the CyberMed M10, AD High Tech determined that Cybernet's M10 was the best option.
AD High Tech replaced all of their iPads with the CyberMed M10 after retrofitting the wall mount they had designed for the iPads.
Key Results
The CyberMed M10 devices fit well into the wall enclosures. After some retrofitting, CyberMed M10 10 inch medical PC worked flawlessly with the wall mounts designed for the iPads.

We love how flush against the wall this computer fits. It fits perfectly well in the recessed wall enclosure where we previously had the iPads.
MC, IT Technical Engineer, A.D. HIGH TECH INC.


Health Care

Cybernet Product
CyberMed M10

Finding a sleek computer that would fit flush against the wall without protruding from the enclosure. The client needed a touchscreen computer that could operate 24x7 without failing, and that was Windows-based for remote access.

CyberMed M10 10 inch Medical PC

Following the successful installation of the CyberMed M10 in one customer’s property, A.D. High Tech decided to order more CyberMed M10s to deploy in more locations.

Customer Snapshot

HQ: Pennsylvania