Blood Bank of Delmarva Successfully Deploys Mobile Technology with CyberMed T10C Medical Tablet

Blood Bank of Delmarva, needed to replace the pen-and-paper donor questionnaires used across their mobile sites with a modern electronic solution in a compact mobile form factor. To be an ideal fit for the task, the devices had to be affordable, durable and easy to use for both the donors and the medical staff. The medical environment also mandates for additional considerations:
  • Infection control
  • FDA compliance
  • Data protection
  • Device convergence
The Customer
Blood Bank of Delmarva is a non-profit organization providing blood and blood products to 19 hospitals on the Peninsula and is a member of Blood Centers of America.
The Business Challenge
Blood Bank of Delmarva is a non-profit organization with several mobile sites collecting blood donations in remote locations. The FDA requires that each blood donor fill out a 50+ item questionnaire, and the blood bank must keep the records for further references or FDA audits. As a result, the organization has been piling up boxes of paper questionnaires they had to search manually whenever they needed to find a donor’s information.
Blood Bank of Delmarva needed to replace the pen-and-paper donor questionnaires with an easily searchable electronic solution that would:
  • provide an efficient way of capturing donor's information electronically
  • be mobile and compact, with connectivity to sync data across sites
  • be easy-to-use for the staff and the donors
  • be easy to carry around and hold in one hand
  • facilitate new software testing, scanning barcodes, and most importantly, accessing donor questionnaires with ease to facilitate FDA compliance
  • have an antimicrobial casing and withstand proper disinfection to streamline the infection control
The organization needed compact and mobile devices that they could use in the HQ and the mobile sites, interchangeably. The primary users are medical staff and the donors filling out questionnaires. So they needed the devices that the donors could use to fill out questionnaires independently, freeing up the medical staff for critical tasks, and thus managing bottlenecks more efficiently.
The Cybernet Solution
Blood Bank of Delmarva initially ordered six units of Cybernet's T10C 9.7" enterprise tablet PC, and after thorough testing – 100 more.
The T10C is a Windows-powered tablet that is 9.7" and comes with a convenient handle, antimicrobial coating and sealed front bezels. The antimicrobial casing helps prevent the spread of germs while numerous donors and medical staff are using the tablet throughout the day.
Blood Bank of Delmarva is now able to capture donor data electronically, sync it across the sites, and have fast access to it to facilitate FDA compliance. The staff particularly likes that the T10C has the handle and the integrated barcode scanner, so they can scan barcodes and hold the tablet for additional data input without effort.
The staff also likes how the Cybernet T10C locks the sensitive records with advanced authentication.
Key Results
Cybernet T10C has enabled Blood Bank of Delmarva to:
  • Replace pen-and-paper donor questionnaires with electronic forms in a mobile, compact form factor that is easy to use for the staff and the donors, and has a convenient handle.
  • Redistribute staff and manage bottlenecks more efficiently.
  • Sync the donor data across sites.
  • Use the tablets interchangeably across the sites.
  • Have an easily searchable database, and fast access to the donor data to make compliance with FDA regulations easier on the organization and remove manual searches.
  • Streamline infection control with the antimicrobial casing and sealed front bezel that facilitates tablet’s disinfection with liquid cleaners without damage.

The T10s have performed remarkably well. Donor reaction has been very positive. They like that they can answer the questions by themselves. Donors have been impressed with the tablets.

These tablets allow us to redistribute staff and handle bottlenecks more efficiently.

D.D., System's Administrator, BLOOD BANK OF DELMARVA


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Cybernet Product
CyberMed T10C

Replace pen-and-paper donor questionnaires with a compact mobile tablet that can be used across all sites, have connectivity to sync data, and have a handle and intuitive user interface for the donors to use independently.

CyberMed T10C Medical Grade Tablet

Successful transition from paper documentation to electronic records, reliable and easy to use form factor, convenient to hold in one hand, and simplified infection control due to the antimicrobial surface.

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