LX Wall Mounting Arm

LX LCD Arm Mount

This durable wall mount has unparalleled range of motion that allows you to position your LCD PC for viewing and push it out of the way when it's not in use. That means greater productivity for you. It's easy to reposition your LCD PC with just a touch to any level that's comfortable, reducing eye, back or neck strain. The LCD arm extends your PC up to 25 inches from the base. The range of adjustment includes 85° til 360° pan, and 360° rotation to optimize viewing angles for any user.

LX Wall Mounting Arm


  • Durable polished construction for long product life
  • Cables are hidden under the arm to eliminate clutter
  • Arm folds back over the base to store it out of the way
  • Attaches directly to any sturdy vertical surface

Mount your new all-in-one PC

LX LCD Arm Mount
LX Wall Mounting Arm

Technical Abilities

Screen Size Icon
Supported LCD size up to 24"
Tilt Icon
Tilt 75°
Pan Icon
360° Pan
Weight Icon
Max capacity up to 20 lbs
VESA Compatible
MIS-D Standard VESA mount
Height Icon
13-inch lift
Rotation Icon
360° Rotation

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