About Us

History and Philosophy

Cybernet Manufacturing Cybernet is the pioneer in all-in-one computing technology. Founded in 1996, our focus has remained the same: to provide high-performance, space saving IT solutions, customized to fit our customers' unique environments and computing needs. Throughout the years, we have maintained our commitment to provide consistent quality, reliability, and the best personalized support in the business.

Cybernet's product lines include All-in-One PCs in an LCD monitor and All-in-One PCs in a keyboard for general business use, and medical grade All-in-One PCs for the health care industry. As technology and computer components have evolved over time, Cybernet has continued to develop innovative space saving solutions that deliver the power and performance expected of a PC, while minimizing the physical footprint. We have maintained exceptional product line continuity in the all-in-one technology space because that is our central focus.

Business Model
Other PC manufacturers have ventured into the all-in-one market, but Cybernet is the only manufacturer to offer a fully customizable PC. Our business model is driven by our customers, and achieving 100% customer satisfaction is our continuing goal. We provide one-on-one account managers to help configure our PCs to fit their business environments, their specs, and their budgets. Our account managers speak IT and understand the challenges of deploying computing resources throughout business facilities. We believe in building long-term relationships with our customers, and we provide the same level of personalized U.S.-based support to them, regardless of the size of their organization. Cybernet values all our customers.

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Cybernet serves multiple vertical markets, including health care, banking, government, education, point-of-sale retail, and hospitality.Our customers use our products wherever there's a need to free up workspace while providing the computing power necessary for mission-critical business operations. Cybernet's All-in-One PCs save labor costs because they are easy and fast to install, and they also save energy, reducing the total cost of ownership. Our products' superior reliability and personalized support insure that our customers' operations continue to run smoothly.