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How To Update T10 BIOS

In this article we will be explaining how to flash the T10 BIOS to the latest version. Included in the attachments section of this article is the latest files, which is current as of the date of the writing of this article. Updating the tablet is a two part process, you will flash both the EC and the BIOS. The first step is to create a bootable flash drive, instructions can be found at this LINK. After downloading the BIOS attachment, you should unzip the contents to a place you can remember.
Your extracted files should look like the picture below.
Now copy the folder containing these files to the bootable flash drive you made earlier. Reboot the computer and hit the F11 key to get to the boot menu. Choose the USB Flash drive listed in the boot menu and you should get a command prompt like the picture below.
Now to see the folder and file structure type DIR and then hit Enter.
Navigate to the folder that contains the BIOS files, in this case it would be CD T10EC1~1.
If you type DIR again you will get a file list of the folder and you should see EC and BIOS batch files.
Now make sure you have the power supply plugged directly into the left side of the tablet. Also make sure the unit has a decent charge as if it is low on battery or the power supply not plugged in then it won't run. Now type EC and hit Enter.
The unit will now flash and reboot. When the screen goes blank you should start hitting F11 to get to the boot menu and repeat the process above so you are back in the BIOS files directory. Now type BIOS and hit Enter.
Now after updating both the EC and BIOS version you should see it listed in the BIOS. The first picture is of an older EC and BIOS version and the second picture shows the updated EC and BIOS version.